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I have mixed feelings on you concurring.
Sat Jun 10, 2017 14:38

Kira had been very involved in eating her spaghetti as neatly as possible when addressed which was probably why she didn't seem more enthusiastic when she greeted Simon as she was pretty concentrated on what she was doing. That and the fifth year usually had some trepidation about conversing with anyone who wasn't on a very short list. Simon, however, did rather fall under the maybe not that threatening list based on him being someone she'd worked with on the fair booth-in hindsight she was glad she'd done it because now she had a new friend-the fact that he was a second year, and the fact that he seemed a bit less confident then he let on. Kira wasn't great with people that way but she could recognize a potential kindred spirit.

Which, of course, might have been wishful thinking on her part as she had yet to find one. The Crotalus had people who liked her and even had stuff in common with, Winston, for example, shared her interest in folklore and mythology and wanted to spend time with her discussing it which was nice. But she still didn't have someone who got her, whom understood being uncomfortable in social situations. Most of her friends were more social and confident than she was, not that that took much.

Still, Kira was more than happy to talk to Simon if he was happy to talk to her. It was kind of weird. The fifth year was definitely an introvert who needed me time but at the same time she wanted to have friends, wanted to be liked and generally shyed away out of fear of rejection and judgement. Especially with people who knew Kelsey and could compare. As a second year, Simon was unlikely to know and compare her to her cousin, even though odds were that he knew Natalie.

She considered Simon's question. "Well, I assume Professor Carter will. She is the official on call substitute. I'm glad we have an actual Charms professor now even if he's just temporary." Kira found this to be essential. "And he'll probably stay-both will probably stay-until we get full time professors. At least I hope so. I mean, it's not terribly fair to Professor Carter to have to do so much." She knew very well what it was like to see someone overworked. Aunt Jillian had done that to Amity and Chaslyn both leading in the former running away and developing a deep seated pathological hatred of anything that could be considered work and the latter always seeming on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Kira didn't know how things were with Chaslyn now exactly, but she hoped that being married and away from Aunt Jillian meant her life was easier-and that she was a happier and easier to get along with person. She hadn't exactly spent much time talking to her over break.

"Plus it's better for us to get complete educations in all our subjects too. A run down professor is going to have a harder time doing an adequate job." Honestly, what Professor Carter needed was a nice restful vacation. Or at the very least, a trip to the spa or something. Kira kind of wished she could make that happen but she just wasn't the sort of person who was capable of doing so. At best, the fifth year could look for some sort of spell to make her feel more relaxed. More so even than her educational concerns-honestly, she was just going to marry some pureblood man anyway, eventually-Kira felt bad for the professor.

  • I concur.Simon Mordue, Wed May 31 13:52
    Balls and parties were far from Simonís favorite occasions in the world, but this winter, he had discovered that there was, in fact, something worse than having to stand around and try to look... more
    • I have mixed feelings on you concurring. — Kira, Sat Jun 10 14:38
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