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Here's hoping it isn't worse than today.
Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:23

Complicated. That was a loaded word if John had ever heard one. The sensible thing, he knew, to do whenever someone mentioned that things were complicated was to run screaming in the opposite direction, at least if slipping away quietly before the Complicated One noticed wasn’t an option. Unfortunately, however, flight was not really an option for several reasons right now, which meant he was stuck Dealing With Someone’s Feelings.

Please be easier to follow than Julian and Joanie. Please be easier to follow than Julian and Joanie. Please be easier to follow than Julian and Joanie, he mentally implored her. Usually, he had discovered, the thing Julian and Joanie were talking about was not even the thing they were really angry about, and half the time he honestly had no idea why they were angry with him. He missed them both desperately, but not the part where that happened. Luckily, though, Aislinn’s problem was actually something he could relate to. He knew what it was like to be worried about one’s sister.

“That’s good,” he said when she spoke about the rest of her midterm. He hesitated, then added, “I don’t have anything helpful to say about your sister,” he said, figuring it was better to get that out of the way up front. “My sister worries me sometimes, too, but….” He shrugged uncomfortably. “Whenever I’ve tried to help her, it just made things worse. I hope that doesn’t happen to you.” He contemplated how nice it would be to duck under the table and let various classmates kick him in the head until he forgot he’d decided all that constituted a good set of things to say, or else how nice it would be to flee into the desert for a few decades like St. Mary of Egypt. “But, so, uh, potion ingredients, eh?” he said, latching onto a more agreeable topic. “Got any experiments planned?”

He shrugged when asked about his prospects. “I guess I’ll know soon enough,” he said, waving vaguely toward the high windows where owls entered the room with the mail every morning. “Here’s hoping I wasn’t too ambitious in my applications.” John was not in doubt of his abilities, but he was concerned about other people’s willingness to acknowledge them, as he didn’t Know People. “I’m considering staying in this country, if anywhere makes it, uh, something I can afford. I’ve applied to a few schools in your east. And a few in my east. The geography’s more interesting than I’m used to either way.” Calgary was not that far from the mountains, of course - he had gone to the mountains almost every summer for as long as he could remember, house-sitting with his family while his great-grandparents went to visit family in Ontario- but it was still, itself, undeniably pretty flat. Maybe it was because of how well he’d always liked the mountains when his family went on holiday (there, he thought absently, in the mountains, you feel free. I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter.), but he couldn’t deny finding the idea of living somewhere more visually interesting, at least for a while, appealing. “What about you? LIke one part of the continent more than the other?”

  • Tomorrow's another day.Aislinn, Fri Jun 9 09:57
    If Aislinn didn’t have amazing self control, she probably would have been sitting with her mouth hanging open in shock for the fact that John had stated to some form that he had missed her. She... more
    • Here's hoping it isn't worse than today. — John, Sun Jun 11 11:23
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