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Looks like it. Go us!
Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:43

Joe was not sure he’d ever had anyone ever announce they were friends before, but he could see the advantages of the approach. He nodded. “Very good,” he said. “We failed knights of the world have to stick together, y’know.”

It was, he thought, interesting, talking to someone whose life was entirely conducted on the Other Side. Of course, he did so often enough, but usually about lessons, or with Tasha about places foreign to both of them on both sides of the Line. Looked at from Jozua’s perspective, he supposed John didn’t sound quite as out of touch with reality as Joe thought his brother had been by that point. “Not that one, anyway,” he said. “Sorry – I forgot, it was a Muggle place. Mom’s Muggleborn, so she’s more comfortable there anyway, plus the exchange rate – galleons to dollars – we buy a lot of stuff from the Muggles, we can get more for the same amount of Dad’s money.” Of course, Mom was paid in small amounts Muggle money for the work she did outside their house, but she was in charge of finances for the whole house and so could convert Dad’s galleons to dollars whenever her income wouldn’t cover something or she otherwise saw fit. “Anyway, a magic sword definitely would have been useful on a rescue mission – if, uh, either of us could have figured out how to use it – but someone would have been in deep legal trouble if someone had found a magic sword there.”

John hadn’t thought of that. Probably because, from the timeline Joe had managed to piece together over the past year, by that point he had already started treating the Statute of Secrecy as more of a helpful guideline for people who weren’t John Umland, who could do whatever the heck he liked. On some level, Joe knew this wasn’t fair – eleven-year-olds were not known for their brilliant ability to spot every conceivable flaw in a plan, and any kid raised with a foot in each world and stable footing in neither could have missed the same problem – but he had just remembered that he was still mad at John and therefore not currently inclined to fairness.

“I’ll probably start with more school,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to be the only kid in the family without some, and plus – if there are still any adventures out there, I’d rather have them after I learn as much about how to survive them as I can. I don’t think I’ll go all the way through all the degrees, though – I think at that point, it’s more theory and research than anything, plus specializing that much in one field wouldn't be very helpful for the goal.”

  • I think we wonJozua, Fri Jun 9 13:00
    Joe had already been moving up out of the 'acquaintance' circle and into solid 'friend' territory, but learning he had also been disappointed to learn Great Explorer and Knight were no longer viable... more
    • Looks like it. Go us! — Joe, Mon Jun 12 10:43
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