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Eden Manger
Am I crazy, or is this really happening? [Tag: Ivy]
Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:44

It was an ordinary morning breakfast. Eden had gotten used to the buzz of Sonora by now, although still a little intimidated by the magnitude of everything, the grandness of the school. In one way, it made her feel small in comparison, but in another, it made her feel important, almost. She got to go to a school as nice as this one? She was either very special or very lucky, and she hadn’t decided for sure which one it was yet.

When the post owls came, she wasn’t expecting much. She had an approaching birthday, but for the most part, it had been celebrated quietly and in advanced while she was home for winter break. There was the distinct possibility of an additional card or two on the actual day, but other than that, Eden didn’t get mail too much. Her mother had written frequently at the start of the year, but she had lessened this as the year went on, trying her best to judge what Eden needed more: familiarity or space. Her siblings, as if by committee, did similarly.

So she was more than a little surprise when a large parcel landed in her lap at today’s breakfast. No amount of brown wrapping could disfigure the obvious shape of the item: a new broom. Before unwrapping it, she noticed a note hanging around the end of the handle by a string. Eden slid the note off the broom and held it where she could read it.


Congratulations on your Quidditch success. Every year your brother played, I sent him a new broom. Now it is your turn. I am and will always be so proud of you.

All my love,

The young blonde looked up and around immediately, mentally and physically looking for answers for questions that struggled to form fully in her mind. “How?” was about as far as she got. Eden was confused but also deeply touched, and she felt like she might cry. And while she was often a somewhat private person, she wanted confirmation that the letter did in fact say what she thought it did.

“Look at this,” she said, her voice cracking as she passed the note to the person who sat beside her this morning. It happened to be Ivy Brockert, which was convenient. Ivy was, if Eden remembered it correctly, a cousin of Sally, Arnold, and Jake’s on their mother’s side. While that didn’t exactly make the two first years related, it did give Ivy at least somewhat of a background into the situation. She would know, at least, that something had happened here. To Eden, the most likely scenario was that her dad had somehow arranged this before he died. But even that still didn’t answer everything. “How did he know?” she wondered aloud in half a whisper.

    • Well....I don't think you're crazy.Ivy Brockert, Fri Jun 23 16:22
      Ivy sat at the table for breakfast eating eggs, bacon and breakfast sausage. Her little sister Lavender usually insisted breakfast should be sweet things, but the first year had grown to like... more
      • I am, however, very late.Eden, Sun Jul 30 12:58
        Eden stared ahead of her, mind swirling with wonder and confusion and maybe a tiny little flicker of hope mixed in there somewhere. What was happening? How was any of this real? The young girl had... more
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