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DH Skies
Sat Jun 17, 2017 23:24

Selina was excited about their concept they’d come up with for the concert this year, the idea having grown up naturally out of things that the students had started themselves - Sonora’s clubs. Whilst the actual number and content fluctuated throughout the years, the student body was great at giving itself things to do, sharing its skills and its passions, and she thought that was something that needed to be celebrated. It also made the power structure and organisation - who would head groups, who would work with who - very easy to sort out.

A week into the new term, a notice appeared on the doors of the Cascade Hall, where the students, heading down for breakfast, could not fail to spot it, especially as the title was bold and flashing in different colours.

Club Showcase it read.

Underneath, in smaller and less jumpy letters, the notice continued.

This year, our concert will focus on the wonderful clubs we have on offer here at Sonora.

Each club is asked to contribute something to the event. This may be a performance, or something else to improve the venue/experience (e.g. refreshments, decoration).

Additionally, there will be a free performance slot for any students wanting to showcase a talent that does not fit into any of the existing clubs. Please speak to Professor Skies as soon as possible if you would like to do this.

All club leaders are asked to submit a rough idea of what their club will contribute before the end of the month.

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