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Ivy Brockert
Well....I don't think you're crazy.
Fri Jun 23, 2017 16:22

Ivy sat at the table for breakfast eating eggs, bacon and breakfast sausage. Her little sister Lavender usually insisted breakfast should be sweet things, but the first year had grown to like non-sweet breakfasts that were hearty and she usually tried to make hers as much so as possible. It helped with the homesickness. Breakfast and dinner were when she missed her family the most and Daddy liked hearty meals so they reminded Ivy of home. Plus, her whole family would sit around, herself, her parents, Vlad and Lavender talking and just being together.

She didn't have that here. Yes, Ivy had lots of cousins-all of whom were way older or not that closely related,save for Natalie- and felt like she got along okay with her roommates, but the former didn't eat with her all the time and the latter weren't...her best friends. The Teppenpaw wanted them to be, though they'd never be as close as she was to Vlad and Peyton. Next year, they would be here and that would be so much better. Still, Ivy wanted close friends outside her family too.

Today, she'd sat next to Eden. The...history between the girls' families was a little...complex. Aunt Jamie's first husband was Eden's father but Aunt Jamie was not Eden's mother and Ivy's cousins had three half siblings they only learned about after their biological father died. It was all very confusing. Especially given that Ivy had always heard that Ross Manger had been a bad man. He'd once gotten Aunt Jamie's children taken away and Peyton-who was Uncle Jeffrey's daughter-had come to live with her, Mommy, Daddy and Vlad when Vlad and Peyton were tiny babies and Ivy was just one. Plus, worse, they'd had to have Carrie live with them too while she wasn't at school, since nobody was giving custody to Aunt Pearl. This being what Daddy said was the worst part. That and taking a child under the age of one away from her mother but Daddy really found living with Carrie the worst part of it. That Ivy and Eden ended up roommates was nothing short of strange.

Ivy never said any of this to Eden though since her roommate seemed to have had loved her father just as Ivy did hers. Especially since the man just died and the other Teppenpaw seemed pretty sad about it. Besides, she wasn't going to tell the other girl about the Atrocities of Ross Manger, when she wanted to be friends with her! Not to mention it was just plain mean and Ivy didn't want to be mean. After all, Carrie was mean.

Besides, if Ivy was struggling with homesickness, it had to be worse for Eden. Ivy, at least would see her dad again. And her brother and cousin, her two best friends, would be here next term too. She was going to be okay.

So when her roommate passed her a letter, Ivy looked it over and then looked back at Eden. She had to admit that it was surprising. "I mean, I can see how he'd know if you were interested in Quidditch but the winning games part?" She could only think of two possibilities for this and Ivy wasn't sure if she wanted to mention either of them to Eden. One was kind of....insensitive and the other was fantastical.

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    • Well....I don't think you're crazy. — Ivy Brockert, Fri Jun 23 16:22
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