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Professor Sophie O'Malley
Midsummer Event: Concert!
Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:45

Sophie had fond memories of the midsummer events from her own days at Sonora. Bonfires, concerts, balls, and fairs. They were all pretty great. She had volunteered to emcee for this year’s event - the concert - and while the preparations were made, she couldn’t help but reminiscing about her own time. Her very first event as a student had been a concert, and now here she was, some fifteen years later. Time sure flew by sometimes.

For this year’s concert, most responsibility fell to the students. Namely, the clubs. It was pretty cool, she thought, how involved so many of the students were at this school. Just based on the smaller population, Sophie imagined they had to have a proportionally higher participation rate. That was cool.

As always, it was hosted in a hotel in town, just off school grounds. While Sonora had an incredible and more than suitable grounds, having it in town made it more accessible. Muggles could not go to Sonora, so this way, Muggleborns could have their families present just like everybody else. It wasn’t a struggle Sophie had ever experienced personally, with just about everyone in her life being at least halfblooded, but she nevertheless supported the gesture. It was only fair.

When it seemed all the family members were settled around tables, Sophie climbed up the steps to the stage. With a quick Sonorus, she addressed the crowd. “Hello, everybody!” she smiled. “And welcome to this year’s Midsummer event. We’ve got a great concert ahead of you, with just about all parts of the evening run by our wonderful clubs, so please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!” Sophie cancelled out the spell, and as she dismounted the stage in the falling lights, she glanced ahead the table where her family sat, triple-checking that her son Stanley was behaving himself. Then she took her temporary place in the audience, and the show began.

OOC: Hello! Please keep in mind that this does take place outside of the school. It is only being posted here because we do not have a board for this location at the current time. All immediate family members are invited and can be posted. Congratulations on making it through another school year. Have fun, everyone!

    • After the Concert.John and Julian Umland, Wed Aug 16 20:42
      Sammy’s family was, if nothing else, never boring. Trying to find his footing with these people permitted John to spend a substantial part of the evening not dealing with two of his many problems,... more
    • Last minute friendship! [Tag: John]Sammy Meeks, Thu Aug 10 15:46
      Sammy always liked the midsummer events, especially the ones that parents came to. Ethan didn’t care enough to come anymore, but her moms always did, even when Sammy’s participation level was... more
      • Not like we have much left to lose, is it?John Umland, Thu Aug 10 17:45
        Julian had worn yellow. It was not a loud shade of yellow, he thought – to the extent he was good at telling shades of the same color apart – but that just meant it made more of a contrast with her... more
        • But so much to gain!The Meeks-Jones family, Fri Aug 11 17:14
          Lauren and Cheryl blinked at one another for a moment. John. They searched their memories in synchronized silence. Had Sammy mentioned a John before? Usually she talked about Kira or Laila or... more
          • Such as new perspectives.John Umland, Sat Aug 12 17:03
            There was something peculiar, John thought, about Sammy’s family – not the obvious, that Lauren was using the word ‘wife’ in a very different sense than John would use the word, something else. It... more
    • Sporting Spectacular!Ben Pierce, Wed Aug 2 15:06
      Ben had signed his Sports club up for the concert with eager enthusiasm, but the more he had thought about it, the harder it had been to figure out just what exactly a sports club could do on the... more
    • Dueling Demonstration!Jozua Sparks, Wed Aug 2 09:34
      Jozua stood on stage in front of the whole school and their families. Somewhere in this crowd, his own parents and granddad were watching, too. He was pretty sure his Dutch grandparents had declined... more
      • Sometimes it's not fun being youngest.Joe Umland, Thu Aug 10 13:43
        Julian had worn yellow. It was a much lighter shade of yellow than the one which covered much of the Teppenpaw common room, plus she was wearing blue earrings and a blue pendant necklace instead of... more
      • Did you see me?Zevalyn Ives, Wed Aug 2 16:01
        Zevalyn hadn't joined many clubs her first year at Sonora. It was lack of time rather than lack of interest that restricted her, but Dueling Club was basically an extension of DADA so she'd... more
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