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I am, however, very late.
Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:58

Eden stared ahead of her, mind swirling with wonder and confusion and maybe a tiny little flicker of hope mixed in there somewhere. What was happening? How was any of this real? The young girl had barely processed the loss of her father to begin with, and now she had this letter from him - potentially penned before his death but somehow arriving and describing afterward - blowing a hole in her heart but also somehow warming it. Her dad was proud of her. Always. She couldn’t get over the words.

“I never played before school,” said Eden, looking bewildered at Ivy. “I didn’t expect to play here. I only played because, well, it seemed like the team needed people, and it was Jake’s spot that was open, so I thought….” She paused, trailing off. “I don’t know.”

“I don’t know how he’d know I would play, let alone win,” the blonde marvelled. “How could he have just… just known like that?” It was a question aimed more at the universe than Ivy, really, although if there was an answer, Eden didn’t really care from where it came. She just couldn’t comprehend how this was happening. She had kinda always thought her dad knew everything, but this was just crazy. How could he not only know but plan for this reality when no one else could have ever seen it coming?

  • Well....I don't think you're crazy.Ivy Brockert, Fri Jun 23 16:22
    Ivy sat at the table for breakfast eating eggs, bacon and breakfast sausage. Her little sister Lavender usually insisted breakfast should be sweet things, but the first year had grown to like... more
    • I am, however, very late. — Eden, Sun Jul 30 12:58
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