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Jozua Sparks
Dueling Demonstration!
Wed Aug 2, 2017 09:34

Jozua stood on stage in front of the whole school and their families. Somewhere in this crowd, his own parents and granddad were watching, too. He was pretty sure his Dutch grandparents had declined the opportunity to watch a bunch of teenagers demonstrate their favorite hobbies, but he hadn't heard formal confirmation of that. He was going to work under the assumption that this wasn't the event that finally convinced them to cross an ocean to visit him. He'd be less nervous that way.

He'd had three volunteers for the dueling demonstration; one from each grade level. Joe and Zev were close to the same age though, so he felt lucky that his intermediate and beginner at least looked evenly matched, even if they weren't. Scarlett was a graduating seventh year, though, which was awesome because she could really show off some cool moves, but putting her up against a fourth year or a first year was just pointless.

Jozua cleared his throat and started with a brief description of his club and what they did. It wasn't terribly interesting, but neither was it terribly long either, so nobody in the front rows was looking too bored yet when he said, "And today we're going to show you a couple of sample duels. At lower levels you might see something like this: Joe Umland and Zevalyn Ives, en guarde," they two younger demonstrators took their places. Well, they were younger than Scarlett anyway. They were both older than Jozua himself. As an aside to the audience he explained, "Magical duelists use the same French terms to begin a match as are used in fencing. En guarde tells the duelists to take their places and raise their wands, 'pret' will warn them that the bout is about to begin, and 'allez'" Jozua pronounced it ah-lay with the most emphasis on the last vowel sound, which not knowing French, he wasn't sure if that was correct or not, but that was how most of the judges he'd seen in professional matches pronounced it, "will tell them to begin and start the timer in timed matches."

"Pret," he said to Joe and Zev. "Allez!"

They began what could more accurately be called a choreographed dance than a real duel, but it helped ensure that it would look good, not get repetitive, let then show off some more flashy hexes and jinx that were generally too cumbersome to bother with in a real match, and help Jozua keep on top of the running narrative to help the audience understand what was happening. Also, it ensured it went on long enough to get a good idea of what two evenly matched intermediate students might be able to pull off.

Joe was the one doing most of the difficult spells, though Zev had managed two above her level and had her defenses down solidly to counter Joe's attacks. Eventually though, Joe ended the match with a disarming spell that Zev, as per the choreography, didn't get her block up in time for.

The two duelists bowed, Joe gave her back her wand, and Jozua explained how duels ended and were scored. "Next, I will invite out Scarlett Brockert to show you some spells more advanced duelists might use." Scarlett came out with Professor Nash. Jozua talked about some of the most important spells used by professional duelists, or at least the important ones Scarlett could do anyway, and she demonstrated each one, either targeting Professor Nash, or defending against an attack that the dueling advisor sent at her. Jozua thought it looked amazing and hoped the audience agreed. "Thank you, Scarlett, Professor Nash," he thanked them when they were done. They stayed on stage and Joe and Zev joined them for final bows.

"That's it for the dueling club demostration. I'm Jozua Sparks, the president. Professor Nash - the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher - is our advisor and coach. Watch for fliers on your common room bulletin boards if you want to join us next year. I'd like to thank Scarlett Brockert, Joe Umland, and Zevalyn Ives again for volunteering to help demonstrate what we do. Enjoy the rest of the concert." They all bowed and exited stage right (or maybe it was stage left, Jozua really wasn't sure how that worked, but it sounded cool in his head.)

OOC: Joe and Scarlett agreed to the basic plan of the demonstration in Chatzy; the implementation of it is hopefully acceptable to their authors.

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