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Ben Pierce
Sporting Spectacular!
Wed Aug 2, 2017 15:06

Ben had signed his Sports club up for the concert with eager enthusiasm, but the more he had thought about it, the harder it had been to figure out just what exactly a sports club could do on the concert stage.

So he'd taken a few wizarding photographs of each of his meetings since them and worked with the professors to find a way to arrange them into a slideshow they could project onto a screen on stage. Besides that, he'd recruited some volunteers to do some sporty things on stage before, after, and during the slide show.

The Sports Club opened with a banner that the Art Club made up announcing them as The Sports Club. All closed loops in the letters were either made into balls or had a ball flying through it. Other letters were made to look like other sporting equipment: the 'l' in Club, for example, looked like a baseball bat while the underside of the 'h' in The was netted like a soccer goal.

As soon as the banner unfurled, club members came out flying on brooms. With Quidditch demoted to scrimmage games for most of the year, he had unofficially considered those scrimmages his meeting of the Sports Club for those two weeks. Also, he'd done one Quodpot match in April, so broom flying was totally within the scope of Sports Club. He didn't really trust real bludgers in the muggle hotel where the concert was being hosted, but he and Sammy were batting a softball enchanted to look like one (and not fly into the audience if either of them hit it wrong) between them while the broom sport slides showed on their projector screen. The rest of the club members tossed a Quod between them. Some of the slides repeated themselves, as they were on a random loop until Ben specifically told them to advance to the next set, which he did when the Quod exploded (which was a good climatic high point, but somewhat unpredictable in timing).

The slideshow moved on to the muggle team sport loop. There were shots of his club playing baseball, soccer, volleyball, kickball, and more. Meanwhile his performers dismounted from their broom, and started kicking or throwing balls amongst themselves. This was a longer set, and nothing exciting was planned to mark the end of this section, so it wasn't randomized or looping so it automatically moved right into individual sports.

The screen showed the moving magical snapshots of club meetings where the participants ran or swam races, played ping pong or tennis or badminton, or did something challenging like climbed rock walls or completed obstacle courses. His club members added live action by bouncing tennis balls on tennis rackets, racing each other around the stage, and hula hooping.

The slideshow ended on a shot of the outside of the Sonora Academy building with as many of the sports club attendees gathered together for a group picture as he could wrangle and most of them grinning and waving at the camera. (Though a few who Ben guessed were maybe unfamiliar with wizard cameras were just standing still and smiling fixedly.)

Taking a leaf out of Jozua's book, since Dueling Club had gone first, Ben stepped forward to center stage and said, "Thanks for watching. We're the Sports Club at Sonora. I'm the club president, Ben Pierce, and these are my fellow sports enthusiasts," he pointed to each of his club volunteers as he named them. "We'd love for you to join us next year, just watch for the announcements telling everyone what we're doing and where and when we're meeting each week! Just come to the ones that sound interesting to you! Thanks and bye!" He gave a quick bow, and ran off stage, grabbing a tennis racket, his broom, and a baseball as he did so.

When the curtain closed, he ran back out to help collect the rest of their stuff and help take down the projection screen while the next act was simultaneously setting up theirs. Once his act's stuff was clear, he he grinned at his helpers, "Great job everyone, have a great summer!"

OOC: Sammy's participation approved by her author. If your character ever attended a sports club meeting (or even just participated in a Quidditch scrimmage) you may feel free to say they were one of the people on stage and/or in the group shot at the end if you'd like.

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