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Zevalyn Ives
Did you see me?
Wed Aug 2, 2017 16:01

Zevalyn hadn't joined many clubs her first year at Sonora. It was lack of time rather than lack of interest that restricted her, but Dueling Club was basically an extension of DADA so she'd considered it too educational to skip. As such, if she wanted to be involved in the Club Showcase Concert, she really only had one option for getting on stage. At first, she'd decided against it, as it would probably require rehearsal time that would take away from her learning time, but then she found out muggle parents could attend AND it was taking place right in Phoenix, not even 10 miles from her house.

So she'd talked to Jozua and he seemed relieved to have her in their demonstration and it didn't take away from learning at all. If anything, the pressure of not wanting to mess up on stage made the spells she was using in her demo among her strongest. She got to work privately with two older students and the DADA professor until they were totally solid.

Professor Nash even had her try some of the intermediate spells Joe was using and while she wasn't entirely proficient in them yet, he told her that he had no doubt that she'd be able to make the transition to intermediate DADA next year with no problem. That had been a very encouraging moment.

Anyway, the concert was now here and she stood, wand raised, facing Joe. She knew not to attack at the first allez - the one where Jozua was explaining what they meant in terms of dueling if not the literal French translation - but she was ready for the second one and shot out her first spell, the jelly legs curse, right on time. It being a well practiced duel, Joe was ready for it, but Zev still felt a bit proud of herself for each successful casting she did.

She'd been a witch for less than a year and here she was casting real, practical, combat magic against someone finishing his fourth year and holding her own. Okay, yes, that was precisely because it was so carefully choreographed, but not everyone watching knew that. And her parents would be totally impressed.

The notion crossed her mind to actually defend against the last disarming spell, but everything had gone so well so far and she didn't want to go off script now on Jozua, so she went through the preliminary motions to a shielding charm she would never complete and pretended to be surprised when her wand went flying over toward Joe.

When it was all over, she went weaving through the crowds, trying to find her parents. "Did you see me?" she asked excitedly when she did. "Did you see me do real magic?"

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    • Did you see me? — Zevalyn Ives, Wed Aug 2 16:01
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