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Joella Curtis & Alistair Johnson
Good news.
Sat Aug 5, 2017 04:39

“Alistair!” Joella sprinted down the corridor the moment she spotted him, clutching the letter tightly in one hand.

Alistair watched in surprise as Joella ran the entire length of the corridor towards him. They didn’t talk anymore so he knew that whatever she wanted had to be important.

“I’ve made it!” Joella exclaimed as she kept running, waving the paper in her hand. The excitement in her voice rang out loud and clear and Alistair suddenly knew exactly what she was talking about.

She didn’t slow down when she reached him, instead leaping into his arms. Alistair took a few steps back with the momentum from Joella’s speed, laughing as he hugged her back.

He released her and she slipped back down onto the ground so he could look her in the eyes. Her blue eyes were bright and alive with ecstasy and it was contagious. Without thinking about it, he planted a kiss upon her lips.

Joella wasn't surprised by the kiss, nor did it seem weird despite everything. Perhaps it might keep her up that night but right now she had a lot more on her mind. She looked up at Alistair and smiled. “I knew you’d be happy for me,” she said, relieved that her gut feeling had not been mistaken.

Alistair smiled and shook his head, not removing his gaze from her face. “I’m so proud of you,” he told her. The last real talk they’d had had left him doubting whether she still wanted this future as much as he did and he was now so happy to have these doubts laid to rest. He should have known better than to think that of her. The sixth year couldn't help resenting that he had another year to wait while Joella would be off living their dream but right now this was her moment and it wasn’t the time to dwell on whether or not his time would ever come. “Let me see.”

Joella handed over the letter, watching closely as he read it.

“Nashville Negators,” Alistair commented as his eyes scanned the page, before looking at her again.

“You don’t think…” Joella didn’t want to think about it right now, in such a happy hour, but the thought had remained in the back of her mind ever since her father had bought the Quidditch team over a year ago.

“No,” Alistair shook his head, seeming to read her mind, saving her from having to voice her concerns aloud. “He doesn’t have that kind of power and you know that. Stop looking for other reasons. It’s all you, so don’t be afraid to believe it.”

Joella beamed, embracing him again. He still believed in her and so did the Nashville Negators. She’d worked so hard for this and it had all paid off because now she had the future she’d always dreamed of.

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