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Sammy Meeks
Last minute friendship! [Tag: John]
Thu Aug 10, 2017 15:46

Sammy always liked the midsummer events, especially the ones that parents came to. Ethan didn’t care enough to come anymore, but her moms always did, even when Sammy’s participation level was literally “play sports”, a feat they had seen her do hundreds times over the years, just usually not on a stage. But it wasn’t about the come-see-meness of it; she was more excited, this year in particular, for her moms to see the duels.

She wished her moms could come see Sonora, but they couldn’t because they were Muggles. But because the school hosted magical events off of school grounds, the Meeks-Jones moms could attend. And that was very special to Sammy. She wanted them to get to see and love and experience magic the way she got to. Sometimes she still felt a little bad that nobody else in the family had any magic, and since she wasn’t allowed to do magic outside of school in the past, it was kept so separately from her family’s lives. Of course, now she was seventeen and of legal magical age, so she could do stuff at home for them, but the point remained. This was special.

The concert was just about to get under way, and she saw her moms sitting happily together at a table across the way. Sammy started to them, but somebody else caught her eye: John Umland. He seemed… off. After spending some time with him this year - that MARS day started it, and now from time to time, she would just show up and have a meal with him or something, or track him down in the Gardens and make him hang out with her - John was someone she considered a friend. And if something was wrong, she wanted to fix it.

So she strolled right up to him. Following his gaze, she noticed he was looking at a table where a bunch of presumed Canadians sat with Joe. Oh. Family thing. Sammy was lucky enough not to have any family drama (her moms were great, her dad was great, and her brother, while a bit of a jerk sometimes, was great), but her heart went out to him anyway. She put a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, you good?” she said. “Your face is weird. Like, weirder than usual.” She elbowed him weakly, hinting at the joke but also expressing some concern through its gentleness.

“Wanna come sit with me?” Sammy offered with a warm smile. “My moms are waiting for me. My brother didn’t come, though, so if you want to fill in, we can go be playful and sassy. Because, y’know, that’s a change. And you can show them how much smarter you are than me. It’ll be fun.” She didn't know if John was involved in anything for the concert, but she herself would have to duck out for the Sports Club bit, thus leaving John alone with her moms, which had the potential to be awkward but kinda only made her want him to come over even more.

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    • Last minute friendship! [Tag: John] — Sammy Meeks, Thu Aug 10 15:46
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