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Makenzie Newell
Thu Aug 10, 2017 16:11

A lot of people probably got excited as the school year wound down, making plans for beach vacations and rationing their newfound time which school would no longer occupy. But as the year went on, Makenzie found herself only growing more and more nervous. Most of her life, she’d expected to graduate and get married to a nice Pureblood boy a year or so later, so the interim, while probably boring, would just be spent at home with her parents while marriage discussions were considered.

But that wasn’t an option now. It hadn’t occurred to her until mid-spring that she would be graduating with literally no plans. So many doors were both open and closed now, and all in alternating patterns than what she had imagined. She certainly wasn’t marrying anyone “good” by society standards, since those standards now condemned her. That meant she was probably supposed to marry for love. But also she didn’t have to do that just yet, because normal people just got married whenever, all willy-nilly.

She also had to figure out her own finances and livelihood going forward. How would she stay afloat when there were no more Senator paychecks coming in? She had to work, probably, which meant she had to either get a job or get an education to later get a job. But what would she study? Makenzie hadn’t expected to ever pick up a textbook again after Sonora. It was overwhelming.

So she did her best to think about all this as little as possible, justifying a “year break” wherein she would, apparently, be still living with her aunt and uncle, although she was debating taking what money she had left and getting her own place, just for a little space and freedom. The redhead had somewhat hoped for some sort of invitation from Tobi, but none had come. None of any kind, as a matter of fact, which was a subject of major frustration in Makenzie’s life. By now, she was certain what a fool she must have made of herself with her quiet little school girl crush. Obviously Tobi hadn’t felt the same way, since he’d never done anything about it. As she had feared, he was just being nice. That niceness turned to friendship, sure, and she didn’t doubt that, but nonetheless, that was all it seemed bound to be.

At least it seemed things were going to be okay for Araceli. She’d marry Duncan, who was perfectly alright, and it would be fine. Makenzie was still waiting to see what the Arbons had in store for Delphine, whom she also considered a friend and for whom she could only hope the best. She was actually just thinking of Araceli’s sister when the Arbon family owl swooped down. Makenzie sat in polite silence to allow her friend to read the message.

When Araceli finished, the reaction was a little startling: a barely perceivable whisper, followed by a bolder reiteration. “Where? Home?” Makenzie asked, mirroring the volume level given. It was a private matter, certainly. “May I see?” she added, reaching for the paper in Araceli’s hand.

  • Breakfast with Makenzie, and some good newsAraceli Arbon, Mon Jul 31 08:37
    Araceli was not an optimist. She had always been an anxious person, prone to worrying how things might go wrong, and life had done little to persuade her that this was not a totally pragmatic... more
    • Hooray, version 2Makenzie Newell, Fri Aug 11 17:20
      BIC: I'm bad at reading and didn't see that Araceli had already given Makenzie the letter, so I'm just reposting the bulk of the post with a more apt conclusion. Sorry for any confusion! BIC: A lot... more
    • Hooray! — Makenzie Newell, Thu Aug 10 16:11
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