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Cleo James
Tagging any second year except Jen
Sat Aug 12, 2017 08:16

Cleo had had a very nice summer. She had helped daddy run the store, just like she always had before Sonora, her shopkeeper's badge with her name and the little glittery stars she'd stuck to it proudly pinned on her chest. They'd also had lots of time in the allotment, the long summer evenings letting them get up there after closing, and extra time for gardening or special outings on Sundays when the shop was shut.

She wished that the summer could last forever, but all too soon she was boarding the wagon back to Sonora, still a little tearful at having to say goodbye. A year away from home had definitely not been enough to get over the pain of separation. It probably didn't help that she didn't have that much to be excited about coming back for. She got on ok with a lot of people at school, except for the ever annoying Jen White, but she wouldn't say she had any particular friends. In fact, her first instinct upon returning had been to seek out Professor Xavier, but when she'd seen him welcoming the first years, she'd remembered that he would be doing orientation. She'd given him a cheerful 'hello' as he'd greeted their wagon and told her about getting passwords and so on.

She headed to the hall but not really with the plan of getting the Crotalus password. She decided to see if there was anyone else who, like her, seemed at a bit of a loose end, or looked like they might want to hang out.

Spotting a fellow second year, she made her way over.

"Hi," she smiled, "How was your summer? "

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