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John Umland
Such as new perspectives.
Sat Aug 12, 2017 17:03

There was something peculiar, John thought, about Sammy’s family – not the obvious, that Lauren was using the word ‘wife’ in a very different sense than John would use the word, something else. It took him a moment to realize that it was how utterly un-freaked-out they seemed about someone they clearly didn’t know from Merlin’s favorite teacup joining them out of a clear blue sky.

It would have been different, he thought, had it been his family. Of course they’d be polite and as welcoming as they knew how to be, but…he remembered when Julian first brought William ‘round. Dad had done better than the rest of them, but even he had managed an echo of Mom’s elaborate, awkward politeness to the stranger she would really rather not have had around – not because he was Julian’s boyfriend, but just because they were all so unused to really dealing closely with people except each other and a small group of friends that Mom had clearly not known what to do with a new person. John could have dismissed his own inclination to climb on the roof and observe the stranger from a safe distance as just him being himself, but even Steve and Joe, who were usually social and extroverted, had seemed reluctant to socialize too much with the stranger once he was in the house. Heck, Joe had even still visibly been surprised at times when he saw Joanie around the house the last few weeks before John left, and she wasn’t a stranger, or even someone, at that point, they’d needed to hide anything from anymore.

Come to that, Clark’s dad had seemed far more okay with John’s prearranged showing-up than John thought his own parents would have been in the reverse situation. Mom usually allowed their friends to come over, of course, but it was a massive inconvenience and she was constantly stressed about it until said friends left and they all knew it. Of course, those friends were all Muggles, maybe it was only that….

“Er – thank you,” said John when Lauren (Mrs. Meeks? He didn’t know what to call her. He remembered Mom dithering over the same problem when she had decided to write Charlie’s fathers to ask if they’d heard anything from him That Year, but couldn’t remember how she’d ultimately decided to address whoever opened the letter) said they were not actually going to be that mean to him. “I shared my room with three brothers at home, so, uh, not too used to privacy anyway,” he added, hoping this would deflect attention. Mom said it wasn’t nice to let people know he found them baffling sometimes, so best to act as if all their behavior was totally normal.

  • But so much to gain!The Meeks-Jones family, Fri Aug 11 17:14
    Lauren and Cheryl blinked at one another for a moment. John. They searched their memories in synchronized silence. Had Sammy mentioned a John before? Usually she talked about Kira or Laila or... more
    • Such as new perspectives. — John Umland, Sat Aug 12 17:03
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