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Dorian Montoir
Trying to be likewise
Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:29

Dorian followed Professor Xavier on their tour. He wasn't sure he committed it all to memory but he wasn't really worried about getting lost. That, he felt, was expected. People would understand, and hopefully some of the older students would be kind and helpful. He was more focussed on monitoring how much he understood of what Professor Xavier told them about the places. Not understanding well was still his biggest worry, and one he felt other people wouldn't tolerate so well as getting lost. Everyone expected the first years to get lost, but he was the only one who was going to struggle to hold a basic conversation. His interaction with Jehan had left him with very mixed feelings. On the one hand, he liked the other boy very much. Jehan seemed interesting and he thought they might have quite a lot in common. The trouble was, he couldn't see Jehan feeling the same about him. There had been a number of confusions, missed connections and the need to backtrack in their conversation. Whilst some of these perhaps came from not having a shared culture, or Jehan jumping topic without making it obvious, Dorian was apt to blame his own language skills. The impression he had come away with was that Jehan's mind worked very quickly but he would be forced to slow down in any interaction that the two of them had, which was bound to be frustrating for the other boy.

Dorian also felt increasingly nervous as they got towards the hall. He wasn't really worried about the actual sorting, as his family didn't have enough connection to the school to have hugely strong opinions on the houses. His parents seemed to think that Crotalus sounded promising, and his mother liked that its colour was red, as that was very auspicious, but they'd only mentioned it in passing -they weren't obsessed with the idea of him getting in there. He was just nervous about having to be up in front of everyone. Dorian could have a very funny side, and he loved singing along to his favourite songs, sometimes with exaggerated impressions of their singers which had his sister in stitches. But he was not a performer. This was a private activity, a side reserved for those he wanted to have fun with. Partly, it was his nature, although his older brother's constant assertions that he was a chochotte and his tendency to give Dorian dead arms and friction burns for being such a little sissy freak had also strongly contributed. Dorian didn't desire an audience, and being made to stand up in front of the whole school was making his hands shake.

When it was his turn, he kept his eyes on the potion, trying not to think about things like tripping over his own feet, or accidentally dipping his sleeve in the potion, or his badge spontaneously turning into a stuffed dragon or displaying the words 'kick me' (especially as, with accidental magic and nerves, he wondered whether there was an actual risk that he might make that happen). He dipped his badge carefully, watching as it turned a brilliant yellow. Teppenpaw.

He made his way over the table. He was pleased with his sorting, although it didn't yet show on his face which was still fixed in a (somewhat failed) attempt at not looking as anxious as he felt. Teppenpaw was good but he still didn't feel relaxed yet about being here, or having had to do that. He clapped mechanically for the prefects and head students, who he didn't know, and mumbled his way through the song, which he also didn't know.

The table filled with food, and chatter broke out around him. The girl opposite him introduced herself. A Brockert. That was good - his parents would certainly be pleased about the company he had in his own house. And she even fulfilled his mother's wish for him to be surrounded by the colour red too, in a sense.

"Dorian Montoir of the Québec Montoirs," he introduced himself. He managed to relax a little bit now that he was on more familiar territory conversation wise, and now that he was just one to one with a peer. A peer who was not big or scary or looking like she immediately wanted to put his head down a toilet, all of which were plus points beyond her status as respectable company. He managed to stop looking quite so frozen and gave her a small smile.

"I like your earrings," he added, both because compliments were usually considered polite and because he spent enough time with his sister to notice such things as what jewellery a girl was wearing.

"I think that we are only three?" he added, having noticed only one other person joining their table - another boy. He considered waving him over to join them, as he didn't want the boy to feel left out, but he seemed to be happily engaged in talking to someone near him. "And it appears that I will share the room but you, no." A small frown of worry creased his features again as he wondered what the Other Boy would be like. He hoped they would like each other. If they didn't, the next seven years would be Hell. Surely, given that they'd landed in Teppenpaw, he couldn't be too awful...

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