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Jasmine Delachene
I'm not evil, I promise.
Sat Aug 19, 2017 20:49

Jasmine's mother had told her, under the strictest of confidences, how sorting worked. You drank a potion and your skin changed colors. She had said it was one of Pecari's most redeeming features, that its students turned a color that wasn't garish. Jasmine had specifically chosen clothing that would not clash with red, but the school robe was green so there would be no avoiding the Christmas correlation if she was Sorted where she most hoped to go.

When she finished her tour, though, she was handed a blank badge and the Headmaster was instructing them to dunk it in the potion, not drink it. Huh.

Mom had written in protest about drinking the potion from the goblet as everyone else, as well as its wretched taste, but Jasmine hadn't expected it to actually change anything, and was surprised that not only weren't they sharing it, but they weren't drinking it at all. Perhaps having that many goblets just wasn't practical. (No doubt why they had done the sharing thing before.)

Pleased to avoid that experience, Jasmine dunked her badge into the potion in turn. It came out red, and she beamed in delight. Crotalus! She'd be with Arianna after all! How wonderful! She spotted her friend as she headed over to the Crotalus table and waved and pointed to her new red badge proudly, to show they'd be together and they could catch up later, but for now she needed to met the other Crotalus first years to make a good first impression among her yearmates. For breakfast tomorrow, maybe, she could sit with Arianna, if the fourth year didn't mind spending the meal with a first year. Jasmine wasn't entirely sure how that was going to work out if they weren't the only children together on the property. Did Arianna have other friends her own age who would look down on a first year hanging out with them? She hoped not.

Anyway, tonight she sat with another girl with a red sorting badge. It looked like they were the only ones sorted into Crotalus tonight, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. The fewer people they had to share a room with, the more space each of them would have. Mom had been so happy to have a room of her own, but Jasmine hadn't really been expecting one, and she was almost kind of glad that she wasn't by herself. It meant she had a better than average chance of making friends with somebody. To that end, she smiled at the other red-badged girl and said kindly, "Hello, I am Jasmine Delachene, of the California Delachenes."

  • Not my day.Peyton O'Malley, Sat Aug 19 17:09
    Orientation had been lovely but now Peyton was feeling nervous. Sorting was kind of...a big deal. Where she was placed wouldn't have any determination about how people she was already close to would... more
    • I'm not evil, I promise. — Jasmine Delachene, Sat Aug 19 20:49
      • Glad to hear itPeyton, Sat Aug 26 20:38
        Peyton gave the other girl-the one who was apparently her roommate-a friendly, yet cautious smile. Cautious because she was not sure what Jasmine was like yet even though she had spoken kindly,... more
        • As soon as Peyton greeted her as 'Miss Delachene' Jasmine wanted to encourage her new roommate to call her by her given name, but she politely waited until the other girl was done speaking before... more
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