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Jennifer White
Swing and a Miss
Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:20

Second year was so much better than first year. The school was familiar, a lot of the faces were familiar, but more than that, Jen had brought her skateboard to school. Her mother’s argument that it would have prevent her from making friends was obviously a load of garbage as Jen hadn’t made any friendships that could be quantified beyond a preference to work or eat with some people over others, and one of her preferences had materialized largely because Ryder had a board that he’d let Jen use. The outcome of it all was that Jen had been allowed to bring her board for her second year. So take that, universe.

With her board safely at Sonora with her, Jen was in a pretty good mood considering the end of the summer was always going to be pretty tough. Okay a couple of months with just her Mom in their small apartment outside Phoenix wasn’t the best experience on the planet, but leaving it to hang around with a bunch of adolescents she liked less than she liked her Mom was not an enviable replacement. Whatever, the food here was good, she actually liked some of her classes, and she only really didn’t like Cleo out of everyone she’d met so far (what was that girl’s problem, anyway?). She had new glasses - the frames were still black, rectangular and plastic, but they had a purple streak on the inside where the lenses were - and her mousy-brown hair was still choppy, and even shorter than it had been last year; before she had been able to tie it in a couple of tiny bunches if she’d ever wanted to (she hadn’t) but now even the longer layers just tickled her neck. Otherwise she was maybe a half inch taller than she’d been at the start of last year, but her jeans with the scuffed hems were the same, as were increasingly tatty-looking hoodies. Same old Jen.

Not same old sorting, though. The second year had turned bodily blue, not been given a badge to dunk. For half a second she thought that maybe the Sorting was different every year, but then there seemed to be some commotion about it all, so maybe this was a new way of doing things. Whatever, she didn’t care all that much. She just wanted to sing (mime the words without making sound) and eat. She didn’t waste any time in adding fries and fried chicken to her plate, and only paid the slightest bit of attention to her neighbor when as voice next to her said, “I don’t suppose it would be proper to ask a boy to the bonfire, would it?”

“Uh…” Jen hesitated. She didn’t really know Kit. She thought maybe Kit was friends with Kir because she’d seen them together sometimes, but Jen was pretty sure she’d never worked with Kit in class, or sat by her in the commons, or ever even held a conversation with her beyond maybe asking her to pass this or that. “I don’t think it would be improper,” she guessed, wondering whether Kit was one of these uptight Pureblood types she had so far managed to avoid. “It’s just a bonfire. That’s pretty casual, right?”

  • Back in the Swing of ThingsKit Reid, Sat Aug 19 00:49
    The first day of school was always fun. Everyone was excited to see friends they hadn’t seen much, if at all, during the summer. It was interesting to see all of the changes that had occurred. It was ... more
    • Swing and a Miss — Jennifer White, Mon Aug 21 10:20
      • Try again?Kit, Sat Aug 26 10:15
        Kit hesitated a moment before agreeing. “Yeah, it’s pretty casual. My parents would never approve though.” There were many reasons that her parents wouldn’t approve. They wouldn’t approve of a girl... more
        • Getting warmerJen White, Mon Aug 28 14:41
          While she chewed her food, Jen considered Kit’s statement that her parents wouldn’t approve. She got that. Parents could be so weird. Like her Mom not letting her bring her board to school in first... more
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