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So is my author
Tue Aug 22, 2017 17:57

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Montoir." Ruby replied the way she had been taught. She had never stopped to think that the formality she was brought up with was weird or could be off putting or made her seem snobby. To her it seemed elegant, something straight of an old-fashioned novel. Not to mention it was just polite and being polite was a good thing. Rudeness could hurt others' feelings!

"You may call me Ruby though." Once one got past introductions, it was, she felt, much friendlier to go to first name basis. Especially as they were housemates and for all she knew, could end up being much much more someday.

"Quebec, did you say? Do you know the Beausangs? A distant cousin of mine married one not long ago. I myself am from Utah, but we say Western Brockerts because we're, well, all over the western states. The majority of my relatives live in Colorado but my dad's cousin Alfie lives in Oklahoma with his family. Like, I don't think anyone whose last name is Brockert lives west of the Mississippi River though sometimes girls marry people who live out east."

Ruby blushed "Thank you. I got them as a present for my eleventh birthday along with the rest of the set." Wow, right off the bat she met a guy who was complimenting her!She wasn't at the point where she was mentally planning their wedding as they had just met but this did bode well for future possibilities. Or at the very least, a friendship.

She nodded. "I think so. It's an awfully small class we have this term. Which is quite a shame really, but maybe some of the changes will raise enrollment. Like, with the Sorting ceremony. Before they all had to drink a potion from the same cup but people complained about it being unsanitary. Grandfather," She gave a general nod in his direction, "wasn't too happy but if more people attend because of it, that's a good thing.

"Yeah..." Ruby said, a bit disappointed. Then she noticed the small frown on Dorian's face. "Is everything all right?" She asked, worried.

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    • So is my author — Ruby, Tue Aug 22 17:57
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          Ruby nodded. She guessed it was like how everyone knew who the Brockerts were. She was merely curious because of Chaslyn, a cousin of hers she didn't even know, had married one not long ago and the... more
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