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Getting to know you better.
Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:17

So much food. Tatiana understood that well. ‘So much noun’ was one of the first constructions she had reliably mastered in English, as she used it to complain to Anton Petrovich about the existence of articles a lot. Articles were stupid and Tatiana did not see their purpose no matter how many times Anton Petrovich tried to explain it to her.

“We say kuritsa,” said Tatiana when Parker asked her what the thing he was holding was really called. “I like chickens that they are – not like that? Alive,” she volunteered. “I with Anya go get eggs in summertime. Chickens are funny.”

They had names, but Tatiana was at a loss for exactly how to translate them – they were named after specific flowers that they reminded Anya of, all except Tsveta, whom little Lyoshka had named – and so she did not offer that information to Parker. “Anya is my sister,” she remembered to offer further, as she had just named someone he did not know. “Three sisters – Anna, Sofiya, Katerina.” She counted them off on her fingers to make sure he kept track of what to him probably did not sound like names any more than his name sounded like a name to her. “Only two brothers. You have the brothers and sisters?”

Anton Petrovich said her family was larger than most of her classmates’ families would be, but then, it was not small by village standards, either. Mama said she liked a big family – for what did one get married if one didn’t want children? – but Tatiana had been just old enough when Alexei was born that she had realized the grown-ups were worried about Mama during much of the time before Alyosha actually arrived. Some people said, too, that Papa was very unfortunate to have so many daughters, though he laughed and asked who would want a garden with few flowers in it? And besides, it was good, Mama and Papa agreed, that each girl automatically had a built-in best friend in the sister closest to her own age, though in fact the four of them grouped more according to other factors: Tatiana and Sonia were both stronger than Anya and Katya, Anya and Tatiana both loved being outdoors and reading more than Katya or Sonia did, and so forth. The formal photographs they took every summer took forever to complete as they had to keep regrouping for different shots Mama wanted, and that was before their parents and brothers got involved. Tatiana had the album of photos she had put together for an art lesson project with her, an album that featured nearly all her favorite people and things – she had even stuck in a picture Anya had taken of her and Katya having lessons with Anton Petrovich - but she had dithered greatly still over which framed photographs to bring with her to decorate her space her in the dormitories. It was going to be strange not to be surrounded by years and years of accumulated memories of her family for so long here.

  • Someone I know!Parker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 22 14:48
    Parker Fitzgerald walked into the great hall gawking, or at least that is what his mom would have called it. He stared straight up trying to take it all in. The ceiling felt as if he were standing in ... more
    • Getting to know you better. — Tatiana, Wed Aug 23 11:17
      • Siblings can be good ... or badParker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 24 11:33
        "Currytsa", Parker said outloud trying to remember the word. He remembered that Jose enjoyed it when people made an effort to speak in his language. Jose said it made him feel welcomed. Parker felt... more
        • I think mine are all pretty good.Tatiana, Thu Aug 24 13:28
          Tatiana smiled kindly at Parker’s attempt to say ‘chicken.’ It needed more emphasis on the first syllable, but considering she was not the best at pronouncing words in his language, either, she... more
          • No Siblings here eitherParker, Fri Aug 25 09:52
            "Coritza" Parker said again. "Coritza"Parker repeated. Once his mom realized that Parker was not the sort to sit still for things he wasn't interested in learning about, she constantly talked about... more
            • That could be good or bad.Tatiana, Fri Aug 25 14:30
              No magic. Tatiana still could not get her head around that no matter how many times it was explained to her, kind of like all the extra words in English. How did people function with no magic?... more
              • Food MapsParker, Fri Aug 25 15:59
                Parker heard where she lived and picked up Vole- something - aya and Dare something-a. He wasn't sure if that was a place that was somewhere he had learned about in class and missed, but he felt it... more
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