That could be good or bad.
Fri Aug 25, 2017 14:30

No magic. Tatiana still could not get her head around that no matter how many times it was explained to her, kind of like all the extra words in English. How did people function with no magic? Nadezhda said there were millions – millions! – of them in the world who did, so many more than wizards, and that some of them were even rather good at it, but it sounded too bizarre to be real.

She shook her head when Parker asked if she was from Russia. “No, no, no. Mama is from Russia, but now we all live in Volshebnaya Derevnya.” Tatiana bit her lip, trying to think how to explain it without a real map or her full vocabulary. “Look – here’s the water,” she said, picking up her goblet and putting it in front of him. “Here is Russia,” she continued, lifting her left hand and putting it on one side of the goblet, “and here is the land with home on it - Alaska.” She put her right hand on the other side of the goblet so they were separated by the ‘water.’ “It used to be Russia, but they tell me in lessons that Americans bought it before Papa was born,” she added as an afterthought. “That is why boys learn English – they must talk to Americans sometimes.” She laughed a bit. “Mama and Anya tell me, Tanushka, you will never use English, is silly to learn, but – “ Tatiana spread her hands and shrugged. “Here I am,” she concluded.

So she was. “Maybe Katya and Alyosha will come here too,” she added. “My family – all wizard. We say volshebniki. We say your family - Maggly. Where are they?” she asked, paying attention and trying to tune out as many of the other English voices talking around them so she could hear his answer and remember it so she could look it up in her atlas later. If she was going to live in the south for most of seven years, she thought she ought to get to know the layout of the place a little better.

  • No Siblings here eitherParker, Fri Aug 25 09:52
    "Coritza" Parker said again. "Coritza"Parker repeated. Once his mom realized that Parker was not the sort to sit still for things he wasn't interested in learning about, she constantly talked about... more
    • That could be good or bad. — Tatiana, Fri Aug 25 14:30
      • Food MapsParker, Fri Aug 25 15:59
        Parker heard where she lived and picked up Vole- something - aya and Dare something-a. He wasn't sure if that was a place that was somewhere he had learned about in class and missed, but he felt it... more
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