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Glad to hear it
Sat Aug 26, 2017 20:38

Peyton gave the other girl-the one who was apparently her roommate-a friendly, yet cautious smile. Cautious because she was not sure what Jasmine was like yet even though she had spoken kindly, something Peyton knew Carrie would never do. She had not heard of the California Delachenes, but then she was a Colorado O'Malley, a branch that consisted of her, her parents, Ryan, Sophie, their twins, and their unborn child. Even her other siblings weren't O'Malleys, other than Carrie whom Peyton didn't really consider a sister.

Her family was so confusing. Most people had a branch that they said they were from and that was that. With the Brockerts-a family Peyton was not technically part of but spent a good deal of time around- they were all one family but lived in different states, so they were Western Brockerts even though there were no Eastern Brockerts. If a female Brockert married someone from out east she then used her husband's family's name and location. As for her, the O'Malleys were from Boston but she'd always lived in Colorado where her dad oversaw the western branch of the O'Malley whiskey distillery.

And that was without getting into who was related how and why she spent a fair amount of time around Brockerts even the ones who weren't her first cousins. Not to mention the illegitimate siblings of her siblings who'd just popped up and caused them all massive upheaval.

Anyway, Peyton was certainly not going to get into that with Jasmine, on the grounds that it would confuse her if not scare her away. "Pleased to meet you, Miss Delachene. I'm Peyton O'Malley, of the Colorado O'Malleys." She thought for a moment, just in case Jasmine thought she was putting on airs or copying her instead of a genuine pureblood. Honestly, the greeting was a bit silly when anyone hearing it could easily just start saying it. Of course, there were those that would call them out on it. "A sub branch of the Boston O'Malleys." She added, not wanting Jasmine to try to say there was no such thing.

Not that it really mattered. All that mattered was that they got along. That Jasmine was nice. "You can call me Peyton though." The first year added.

She ate one of her fried shrimp and asked. "So are what are you looking forward to most here at Sonora?"

  • I'm not evil, I promise.Jasmine Delachene, Sat Aug 19 20:49
    Jasmine's mother had told her, under the strictest of confidences, how sorting worked. You drank a potion and your skin changed colors. She had said it was one of Pecari's most redeeming features,... more
    • Glad to hear it — Peyton, Sat Aug 26 20:38
      • As soon as Peyton greeted her as 'Miss Delachene' Jasmine wanted to encourage her new roommate to call her by her given name, but she politely waited until the other girl was done speaking before... more
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