...Can be almost as hard to follow as Russian nicknames.
Mon Aug 28, 2017 09:37

Tatiana could not decide exactly what to make of Parker’s attempts to use Russian words. If he had been in her village, this would have been proper, but they were here. Did he want to visit the village? It would take a long time for him to learn enough to make himself understood, but one did have to start somewhere….

“Of course,” said Tatiana, a bit puzzled, when he asked about one of her pet names. “Sometimes. They are bigger than me, we are family. Do you always use full names?”

That sounded dreadful to her. How did one know if an occasion was formal or if the speaker had affection for the addressed? Mama usually called her Tanya or Tanushka, Papa liked Tatianochka, and her siblings usually called her Tatya, but there were other according to situation and their moods - when she was small, Papa had often called her Little Hummingbird instead of her name or any of its derivatives, and Katya was as often ‘Sunny’ to him or ‘Little One’ to Mama as she was ‘Katenka’.

This did remind her of something, though. “Book said that the Houses are families here,” she said, trying not to laugh as she imagined ‘Pecari’ being used as a familiya. Tatiana Pecaria…she would keep Vorontsova, she thought. “So you can say Tatya.”

She could not follow his attempt at a map, but did gather that the word ‘Nevada’ was important and so nodded politely. “I see,” she said solemnly, though she really didn’t. Of course he would not talk to his brother while he was here if he was here and his brother was in Oregon. Oregon wasn’t here, was it? Here was Arizona, and while she had no idea where Oregon was, she was pretty sure it was another state. He could write all his family, but unless mainlanders got to visit home on weekends or something, how could he talk to any of his family?

His question about Muggles gave her pause, and not just because of the difficulty of composing a response to it in English. “I do not know,” she said frankly after a moment’s thought. “Sounds very bad to me, but there are no Magly in my village. There is one old woman….” She searched her memory but could not find the word she needed. “She not Magl, I don’t know English the word. No magic, but not a Magl. This happens sometimes. The vrachi, they say people with this v sem’ye should not marry. It is very - “ she floundered over trying to remember the word for grustnyi, sure it was something that sounded like a Russian word for something gardening related but wavering over which word it was. “Not happy. Very not happy. Has to take charity. But Nadezhda - my nurse, mine and Katya’s - she has met - you say Magglez, yes? Not Magly? - she has met them v place called Noo Ork, she says they do things even with no magic, they are not like Serafima Semyonovna - they are used to it. So maybe not so bad. I don’t know.”

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    Parker heard where she lived and picked up Vole- something - aya and Dare something-a. He wasn't sure if that was a place that was somewhere he had learned about in class and missed, but he felt it... more
    • ...Can be almost as hard to follow as Russian nicknames. — Tatiana, Mon Aug 28 09:37
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