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Jen White
Getting warmer
Mon Aug 28, 2017 14:41

While she chewed her food, Jen considered Kit’s statement that her parents wouldn’t approve. She got that. Parents could be so weird. Like her Mom not letting her bring her board to school in first year was a really good example of that (Jen probably would be better friends with Ryder if they’d been able to board together in the grounds, rather than her just sharing his or using one in MARS, which was fun, but that wasn’t the point), and also her Mom moving around all the time Jen was growing up, because apparently being a young witch but living in Muggle towns and having no father wasn’t disorienting enough. She didn’t think her own Mom would bat an eyelid if Jen asked a boy to a school bonfire (well she’d probably be surprised, as Jen was hardly a social butterfly, but she wouldn’t be bothered by it, was the point) but everyone had different rules.

“Yeah, I guess it could be fun,” the second year replied when she’d swallowed her mouthful. “A bonfire on it’s own sounds pretty lame but if there’s, I dunno, s’mores or ghost stories or music or camping,” she trailed off, out of ideas that came to mind when she thought about bonfires. “Yeah it could be fun. And like, maybe you’ll think of a way to ask a boy that would be acceptable.” She shrugged and took a drink. “Like you could ask a whole group of girls to do it together. Safety in numbers,” she shrugged. It didn’t work with everything - there were definitely times when ‘I did it because everyone else was doing it’ would not be a valid reason for doing a thing - but there were other times it could help. Like if everyone was coming home from the skate park at eleven then it was reasonable you didn’t want to walk home on your own at ten.

Kit abruptly changed the subject and asked Jen about her summer right before launching into a short story about her visit to Europe. It was fun to get this glimpse into the life of someone she didn’t know all that well. She didn’t really have much of an opinion on Kit one way or the other, but she seemed pleasant enough, judging by this conversation alone. “Wow do you travel often?” she asked. “I’ve traveled across the country but never abroad. But nah, this summer I just stayed home. Chilled out with my Mom, my grandparents visited. It was a break.” She lifted another forkful of fried chicken to her lips.

  • Try again?Kit, Sat Aug 26 10:15
    Kit hesitated a moment before agreeing. “Yeah, it’s pretty casual. My parents would never approve though.” There were many reasons that her parents wouldn’t approve. They wouldn’t approve of a girl... more
    • Getting warmer — Jen White, Mon Aug 28 14:41
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