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Florence Newell
Mon Aug 28, 2017 16:07

Flo was wearing her hair in a braid. This was significant for two reasons, one vastly more important than the other. Firstly, this frustrated her because it meant her hair was long enough for braids. Florence liked to keep her hair short. It just stayed out of the way better that way. She hated to be reading, craned over a book, and have her hair drop in the way. No, she kept her brown hair as short as mother would allow.

The second reason the braids mattered were because, as everyone in the household seemed to conveniently neglect to notice, her mother, an otherwise perfect woman by all regards, was, for whatever reason, unable to braid well enough to be worn into public. And Florence, while better than her mother and having provided a number of successful twists to her younger sister's hair over the years, was historically terrible at braiding on her own head. There was only one person in that house who could braid like this, experienced on her own flaming red locks as well as those of others. And she had left before anyone else woke up. Right?

Sometimes, Florence thought, it was convenient to be the smartest person in the home. She did not think so maliciously or arrogantly; one simply had to face the facts. Dustin thought himself her better, and perhaps her parents still had some sort of edge based on their age compared to hers, but Florence knew logically and objectively that she was, proportionally, the smartest. She, at least, would have made a connection regarding the braid.

In any case, the morning had been horribly busy and eventful, filled mostly with Anastasia crying. It broke her heart to see her sister cry, especially when Flo had information the rest did not, so she was glad to escape, even if it meant a bumpy wagon ride. Dustin didn't sit by them, so she and Brett chattered together for most of the trip (except for the bit where Brett fell asleep. How he managed that, she didn't know.)

The speech went by uneventfully, although Flo did notice somewhat nonchalantly that it was the first time in awhile that a Newell wasn’t popping up. When the food appeared, she heard someone address her, and she looked beside her to find Louis Valois. Louis was a boy that it seemed a lot of the girls in her year thought was just gorgeous, and while Florence couldn’t deny that he was pretty cute, to her, he was mostly just Dustin’s friend. “Yeah, I think so,” she answered. “Summers are nice, but it’s good to get back to school, too. What about you?”

  • A new man Louis Valois, Sat Aug 19 06:32
    It was so surreal, being back at Sonora. Louis felt like he had changed so much, grown up so much, and yet here was everything, just the same as it had been when he’d left for the holidays. He smiled ... more
    • #cantrelate — Florence Newell, Mon Aug 28 16:07
      • I would be a little surprised if you couldLouis, Tue Aug 29 11:19
        Louis didn’t know Florence that well, but enjoyed the interesting contrast of interacting with her in real life and hearing about her from Dustin. It wasn’t that Dustin talked about his sister all... more
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