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Salali Bly
I feel the same way.
Mon Aug 28, 2017 16:20

“Nobody’s ever going to want you, you know. You’re a freak.”

Salali couldn’t stop hearing the words in her head. The other girls at the orphanage… did not like her. She hadn’t realized it before. She thought they were her friends. But they weren’t. When she got home from school, she found her bed shifted as far as the room would allow from theirs, with the rest pushed together so tightly it was almost as if they were one giant bed.

The girls were talking about being adopted when she entered the room. Apparently, when you turned thirteen, your chances of being adopted decreased. Nobody wanted a teenager, it seemed. The other girls were all Salali’s age - she didn’t know when her birthday was, exactly, but there was a relative time frame it had to be in - and she tried to be positive, to reassure them. And then they said that. Not only was she too old now to be adopted, but she was too weird to be loved. They said she would age out of the foster system. They said she would be on her own. They said nobody would care.

At least at Sonora, she had friends. Or maybe she didn’t? She thought people were her friends - the girls of her year had such a lovely lunch event together! - but maybe they weren’t. After all, she’d thought the orphans were her friends, too. Salali felt very sad, and, all at once, very, very lonely.

She half-heartedly listened to the Headmaster Leader Man talk, and while the prospect of something called a bonfire - she didn’t know “bon” but she knew “fire” and she liked that, so hopefully it was similar - sounded fun, she didn’t really raise her head much until someone beside her spoke, asking her to pass the pasta. Salali knew what that was and wanted to be helpful, but she saw two bowls of pasta before her. One with a white sauce, and one with a red. “Ummm… which one?” she asked, her words crisp with forced literacy. “Sorry,” she added without really knowing why. She just felt bad and guilty and… and dumb.

  • Alright, let's get this over with.Loren Aalto, Sun Aug 27 06:42
    Loren had found it difficult to adjust to life at Sonora Academy at first. There was so much to grow accustomed to, all worth it of course if it meant she didn’t have to see Brian everyday. He was... more
    • I feel the same way. — Salali Bly, Mon Aug 28 16:20
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