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Isaac Song
I couldn't agree more
Tue Aug 29, 2017 00:42

Isaac was super stoked to be back at Sonora, but more than that to finally be a teenager. It was cool being a kid and all, but he couldn't wait to learn how to drive, to do things on his own with his friends, and go snowboarding with them on his own instead of always being taken around or dropped off by parents. His friends' parents were nice and all, but sometimes he just wanted to be spontaneous and go on adventures regardless of how worried their parents would get.

Isaac plopped down at the Pecari table, eager to eat and get back to the regular school year. Summer had been whatevers, but the highlights were getting a brand new cell phone (the latest model too) for his birthday and seeing his family get together again. He had to leave his beloved phone at home, but he was lucky enough to have a close friend at Sonora to catch up with. It made missing his crew less intense.

"Hey man!" Isaac said, grinning as he started piling his plate up. "I feel like I did a lot this summer, but I don't think I did in reality. I went to Korea for, like, three months with my mom and sisters to visit my dad there. We had a good time together and hit up all these touristy sites that I thought were pretty boring. Even though it's nice seeing my dad, I hate visiting Korea cause the weather is so humid and muggy and I don't have anything to really do there except hang out with family. Korean food isn't my favorite either.

"But I got you something. Hopefully you like it." Isaac reached into his backpack and pulled out a medium-sized box with a picture of a robot on it. "It's a kit to build a model robot. It's kind of like an action figure, if you know what I mean, like a toy made out of plastic but you get to build it yourself. I had a lot of fun putting it together and it's not too hard as long as you don't break the pieces. When you get tired of studying it's a good breather, I think." Isaac wasn't sure if Luke would like it since he was more of an active guy, but he'd given a similar gift to his best friend Jason back home and Jason had loved it.

"What about you? What'd you do all summer?"

  • Not bad being back [tag: Isaac Song]Luke Powell, Mon Aug 28 02:58
    Luke's summer had been absolutely awesome, as always, and he was gutted that it had to come to an end. But at the same time he had been beginning to feel rather excited as the new term at Sonora drew ... more
    • I couldn't agree more — Isaac Song, Tue Aug 29 00:42
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