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Lily Spencer
And English wits.
Tue Aug 29, 2017 01:06

Over the summer, Lily had discovered something very interesting: Muggle television and films. It was a moving box of pictures that told stories without speaking directly to her. She could get right into the lives of strangers and feel like she was their friend. Her mates had taken her to the cinema to watch a few films as well, whatever new ‘box office hits’ they were talking about which she’d simply nodded and agreed with. The idea of films had fascinated her, and she started visiting her other Muggle friends more often to watch DVDs and reality TV. Though Lily loved the action films and thrillers, the ‘rom-coms’ had particularly stuck with her.

It was such a simple and common storyline with common emotions and romance, but there was something about it that attracted her. Never had Lily seen kissing up close or been interested in another’s relationship before, even those of her older siblings. Though she still had lingering feelings for Geoff, who currently had a girlfriend, she’d never really imagined what kissing would feel like or hugging a boy so close, or even having certain relations that she knew Adam and Ginny got up to as married people. Watching that on the telly had made her blush, and Lily wasn’t the blushing sort.

After sharing her interest with one of her good friends, she realised fancying rom-coms was a rather girly sort of thing, so she kept it to herself. If anyone asked, she loved action films and thrillers that made one’s skin crawl. However, her mousy brown hair was at her shoulders now and she took a bit more care with her clothing rather than throwing on the first T-shirt and jeans she found. Though she would never be as lovely as Charlotte, Lily could at least try to look attractive to the outside world, and maybe then she could be like one of those female leads in romance movies, being swept off her feet and the like.

When she entered Cascade Hall, she scanned the room looking for Jozua. She always sat with him during the Welcoming Feast, but her eye caught Sébastien instead. He was sitting on his own at the Aladren table, and Lily had noticed Madeleine wasn’t in the wagon with them this time around. Had she decided not to come this year? He didn’t seem like he had any other close friends, so Lily decided to sit with him. Rarely did she respect the house division, especially during the Welcoming Feasts.

“Hi Sébastien,” she said as she sat down. Though they weren’t best friends, she did think they were friends enough that this wouldn’t be weird. She endured through the Headmaster’s formalities, then passed the beef over to him. “How was your summer? Is Madeleine not coming to Sonora anymore? I didn’t see her on the wagon coming here.”

  • Of French fools (or one in particular)Sébastien Évreux, Sat Aug 19 06:36
    Louis Valois was an idiot , and Sébastien had never been happier. Oh, he’d been so angry when he’d heard about the death of Old Man Valois. Why should Louis become the head of one of the finest... more
    • And English wits. — Lily Spencer, Tue Aug 29 01:06
      • I've never cared much for the EnglishSébastien, Tue Aug 29 11:44
        Apparently Sébastien had misjudged his social status at Sonora. Lily Spencer seemed to think he was important enough to risk breaking the rules for, although that wasn’t saying much. Lily Spencer... more
        • We're a rather fine bunch.Lily, Wed Aug 30 01:39
          It was shocking to hear that her friend had transferred, and, to Lily, it was most unexpected. Her face fell and she grew suddenly melancholy, silently mourning her loss. She knew enough French to... more
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