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Daniel Fintoc
Everything has changed.
Tue Aug 29, 2017 02:35

Daniel had changed.

He had spent most of the past year running around after his grandfather with little recognition for his work and he'd grown tired of it. Perhaps he had taken the odd break every now and again, but didn't he deserve that?

They'd taken Sonora away from him and then they wanted to his life away from him too? If he was going to be stuck at the ranch, he had to find a way to have fun and socialise as well, otherwise he'd have gone stir crazy.

Until then Daniel hadn't realised just how much he'd got used to Sonora and how much it had changed things for him. He'd always wanted to get out and having the freedom of Sonora taken away after just three years had been horrible.

He was done with the ranch now. Daniel knew there was no way he was ever going to stay there. As soon as he left school he'd be off to big cities. Forget academia, he was going to be an actor. Life in the fast lane: money, fame, excitement, women...

But for now he had three more years to power through at Sonora and hopefully they would not be interrupted by more dying relatives and farming troubles.

What he would get up to in those three years was as yet unknown and right now he couldn't wait to get started reinstating himself at Sonora. He saw himself as a man now, much bigger than before at fifteen years old and still growing into himself. Over the past year he'd found success with the fairer sex and he expected the same results at school, even if their was a much smaller pool of attractive females.

Daniel helped himself to some of the food following the headmaster's speech, enjoying the atmosphere around him and feeling so glad to be back. Once he had filled his plate, he paid more attention to those around him, keen to start making conversation. He'd missed all the socialising, especially with the right kind of people that weren't hard to find at Sonora.

And that was when his eyes fell on Kira Spaulding. He frowned. Daniel was no longer the lovesick little thirteen year old who had no real clue what he was doing with girls. Now that he was older and had had a taste of what fun could be had with prettier, more exciting witches, Kira just didn't seem to have the same effect on him.

In hindsight he didn't think he'd had any chance with her anyway. She'd never seemed all that interested. She may have gone to the ball with him all those years ago but perhaps it was unfair to make assumptions based on that, since their were only limited options for a girl of her status at Sonora.

But Daniel was more confident now, not that he'd seemed to lack confidence before, and he wasn't going to shy away from talking to someone as harmless as Kira just because he'd once cared ever so much about what she thought of him.

"Hello Kira." He smiled politely. "Long time no see, how've you been?"

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    • Everything has changed. — Daniel Fintoc , Tue Aug 29 02:35
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