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I would be a little surprised if you could
Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:19

Louis didn’t know Florence that well, but enjoyed the interesting contrast of interacting with her in real life and hearing about her from Dustin. It wasn’t that Dustin talked about his sister all the time, but it was always different to know someone from another’s point of view.

It was good to hear that Florence was happy to be back at Sonora, but Louis realised he was less sure how to reply when she turned the question back on him. “I suppose so,” he replied, not sure what he felt either way. “It’ll be good to have a break from home stuff, at least.” That was definitely true. His work over the summer had been pleasantly challenging, once he learnt to ignore the circumstances and what was at stake, and just focus on the task at hand. Being back at Sonora felt, in some ways, like a step back into the world of childhood, but maybe that was no bad thing. As his grandmother said, he should enjoy it whilst he still could. And he had to admit a small amount of relief at being able to forget the pressures of running a business, and just focus on RATS, his orchestra, and Quidditch.

He didn’t think, as he said it, that his response was probably lacking context a little. Realising that a beat too late, he decided that Florence had probably heard, anyway. News normally travelled fast on the pureblood grapevine.

He wondered if his flagrant disregard for the usual pureblood society expectations would have any effect on his relationship with his roommate. He hoped not. He knew that Emmy Lou would stand by him whatever, at least. Ingrid would probably be more disapproving, although they weren’t exactly friends anymore. He didn’t know what they were these days, preferring not to analyse it. That just lead to vague feelings of desire, confusion, hurt, and anger. Well, he’d never claimed to not be dramatic.

Talking of Dustin, his friend didn’t look particularly cheerful. He wondered why, before remembering that he was currently talking to a rather good source of information on that front. There was no point wondering, when you could find out.

“Is Dustin okay?” he asked Florence. “He looks a little…down.”

  • #cantrelateFlorence Newell, Mon Aug 28 16:07
    Flo was wearing her hair in a braid. This was significant for two reasons, one vastly more important than the other. Firstly, this frustrated her because it meant her hair was long enough for braids. ... more
    • I would be a little surprised if you could — Louis, Tue Aug 29 11:19
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