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I've never cared much for the English
Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:44

Apparently Sébastien had misjudged his social status at Sonora. Lily Spencer seemed to think he was important enough to risk breaking the rules for, although that wasn’t saying much. Lily Spencer never seemed to care for rules.

Was sitting with Lily Spencer better than sitting alone? Logically, that was a difficult question. She was a Spencer, yes, from a good family, and Merlin knew it was advantageous to surround oneself with people from good families. On the other hand, she was Lily, weirdly tomboyish, seriously lacking in style, and the girl who kept stealing Madeleine’s attention, when it should really be entirely focussed on Bastien. However, she did seem to look a little better this year, and she was, at least, somebody. A part of Sébastien was just relieved that somebody wanted to talk to him, to give him attention. That annoyed him; he was Sébastien Évreux, and shouldn’t feel grateful for such things. They were what he deserved.

He ignored her question about his summer, not really believing that she was interested, just making polite conversation. Lily seemed to be more concerned with solving the Madeleine-shaped riddle she’d found, and Bastien was glad to have someone to rant to.

“She has transferred to Beauxbatons,” he said, rather bitterly. “We came here together, and she was meant to stay with me, but her parents decided that Sonora isn’t a good place for a proper young girl. And now it’s another thing that Valois has ruined, and now Madeleine goes to be at Beauxbatons, and with her little Léon, and I am here. Without her. And vraiment c’est pas juste que moi je dois rester…” He trailed off at the end, slipping into French and becoming quieter as he realised that he was getting dangerously close to whining. Évreux didn’t whine, especially in front of girls like Lily Spencer, tomboy or not.

“Didn’t she tell you?” he asked, composing himself and trying to regain the upper hand. Judging by Lily’s questions, she’d had no idea. That made Bastien feel a little more special. At least Madeleine cared that much, although she’d still abandoned him.

  • And English wits.Lily Spencer, Tue Aug 29 01:06
    Over the summer, Lily had discovered something very interesting: Muggle television and films. It was a moving box of pictures that told stories without speaking directly to her. She could get right... more
    • I've never cared much for the English — Sébastien, Tue Aug 29 11:44
      • We're a rather fine bunch.Lily, Wed Aug 30 01:39
        It was shocking to hear that her friend had transferred, and, to Lily, it was most unexpected. Her face fell and she grew suddenly melancholy, silently mourning her loss. She knew enough French to... more
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