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Jehan Callahan
Did you not expect to?
Wed Aug 30, 2017 01:33

Orientation in the Labyrinth Gardens had actually been quite fun. Contrary to probably everyone’s expectations, Jehan seemed to have made a friend already. Dorian was an interesting boy, who seemed to share hobbies with Jehan, and apparently thought similarly too. Really, there wasn’t a better outcome one could hope for, and he looked forward to getting to know the cute and excitable boy better.

The tour had been useful. Jehan wasn’t sure that he now knew where everything was, but that was half the excitement of it all. He rather enjoyed getting lost from time to time. There was nothing wrong with not knowing where you were. In fact, that often led to fascinating discoveries, like the time he’d found a beautiful little glade in the woods near their house. Of course, then Victor had found him and the glade, and requisitioned it as his explorer’s base, which made it less peaceful.

Victor had refused to describe the sorting system to Jehan. That was mildly irritating, although he had done extensive research. Jehan knew he wouldn’t join his older brother in Crotalus, as disappointing as Victor would find that. Other than that, it was hard to tell, so Jehan let himself enjoy the anticipation.

For a second, Jehan thought he had lost his badge, but luckily he turned out to have put it in his pocket for safekeeping. He dunked the badge when instructed, and it turned blue. Aladren. He nodded to himself, not really surprised. Aladren ought to be a good house. He’d be surrounded by apparently intelligent people, at least.

Jehan joined in happily with the school song, and applauded the prefects and Head students as they were appointed their positions. He wasn’t sure he’d want to be a prefect or not, but they all looked happy, so good for them. Then he turned his attention to the Aladren table.

During the sorting, Jehan had worked out that he had only one fellow first year Aladren. Presumably they would be sharing a dorm, so he positioned himself next to the other boy. It was best to do introductions now, rather than when they were both stripping to get into their pyjamas. Victor had, many times, informed him that nudity was not socially acceptable. Jehan had a habit of getting distracted easily, which had frequently led to him pausing mid-pyjama-putting-on to do something else, but he would try to remember not to do that here.

His future roommate was busy hunting for food, so Jehan helped himself to a nice bean salad in the meantime. It was a relief that he could be openly vegetarian here, without being told off by his parents.

“Hi, I’m Jehan, your roommate,” he introduced himself, once both boys had stocked up on food. “Do you think you’re going to like being here?”

  • I made it!Gary Harper, Sat Aug 26 07:23
    Gary looked around the great hall in amazement as the tour of the school came to a conclusion. It was simply magnificent, but he would expect no less from actual wizards. He had lined up with the... more
    • Did you not expect to? — Jehan Callahan, Wed Aug 30 01:33
      • Gary looked at the boy that had sat down next to him, the only other first year who's badge had turned blue. He had wondered during orientation and the tour if any of the boys would be his roommate.... more
        • Shady characters, wizardsJehan, Tue Sep 5 08:07
          Gary could be officially added to the list of Friendly People, which was probably a good thing. A roommate feud could have the potential to be dramatic, which would be fun, but really it was nice to... more
          • You need to be careful around themGary, Wed Sep 6 16:49
            Jehan seemed like a good guy. At least, that was the first impression Gary was getting, he never was one for instantly assessing someone new. To be fair however, he didn't make it a habit to go out... more
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