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We're a rather fine bunch.
Wed Aug 30, 2017 01:39

It was shocking to hear that her friend had transferred, and, to Lily, it was most unexpected. Her face fell and she grew suddenly melancholy, silently mourning her loss. She knew enough French to understand most of what Sébastien muttered at the end, but it didn't quite register, so concerned was she with her own emotions. She'd feel sorry to see any of her friends leave Sonora, but Madeleine was one of her close friends here. Memories of playing pretend with her all those years ago came to mind and it made Lily feel even more melancholic.

She knew what her mother would say: 'Making such a fuss about nothing. Buck up and stop worrying yourself over things that won't change.'

"No, at least I don't remember her telling me," replied Lily. "That's really awful. I hope she likes it there, though; I'll have to write her. I'm the worst correspondent, maybe that's why I don't remember hearing about it from her." At least Madeleine would have friends there. Maybe she would feel more comfortable there as well in her home country despite the rumours Lily had heard about Beauxbatons being snobbier and more pretentious than other European schools. "I know you two were really close, you must miss having her here. Is your family thinking of transferring you as well? You'd be missed if so. The wagon rides would be really lonely then."

Lily couldn't understand why one would send their children to school in America only to transfer them. Even if her parents wanted her closer to them at Hogwarts now, it was much too late to think of displacing her after she'd made so many friends and established herself here. Even when her cousin was dating a muggle-born here years ago, her uncle and aunt hadn't plucked him out. Pureblood politics were exhausting - there was a reason why she'd never taken any interest in it; that is, unless it directly involved her friends.

"Why did your family send you to school here instead of Beauxbatons?" she asked, curious. "My parents sent us mostly because my older cousins attended and seemed to do well. They all thought it would be a good 'cultural experience,' from what I understand. Did your family think similarly?"

  • I've never cared much for the EnglishSébastien, Tue Aug 29 11:44
    Apparently Sébastien had misjudged his social status at Sonora. Lily Spencer seemed to think he was important enough to risk breaking the rules for, although that wasn’t saying much. Lily Spencer... more
    • We're a rather fine bunch. — Lily, Wed Aug 30 01:39
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