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Jozua Sparks
So is fourth year cursed then?
Wed Aug 30, 2017 16:06

Jozua entered the Cascade Hall for the first time as a fourth year, wearing new clothes and new robes. In fact, pretty much everything he had was new this year. Though he guessed his classes would be the same, as he was going into his second year as an intermediate.

After his wagon dropped him off, he'd headed up to Teppenpaw (which hadn't required a password, but the jig gave him a little trouble after a summer of disuse) and spent the intervening time catching up with Finn and battling him over a (new) chess board with his new set of pieces. All too soon, his stomach started to rumble and his (new) clock told him it was nearly time for the feast already.

Looking around for Lily, he spotted her with one of the french kids, but since it wasn't Madeleine, he headed over to his own House table instead. Ah. Empty seat next to Joe. Very good. Jozua claimed it.

"Hi," he greeted just before the first years followed Xavier into the Hall. "Is it just because I reached the middle of the totem pole now that they look so little or do they actually get smaller every year?" he questioned aloud.

The Sorting was different this year, which caused Jozua to frown reflexively. "That looks much less spectacular than the way we did it. If you're gonna change a tradition you should make it better not boring," he opined.

He cheered without enthusiasm for the Head Students- Owen moreso than Sammy, simply out of House Loyalty, but he didn't know either of them personally and doubted that was likely to change. The prefects, though, were only one year above him, and he clapped with more conviction as his chosen feastmate got up to collect his. "Congrats," he said with a smile when Joe returned.

He doubted he'd get it next year, not with three other Tepps in his year and the large number of melted cauldrons attributed to his name, but it was inspiring to see one of his few friends wearing the badge.

He mumbled his way through the school song - that was the same at always unfortunately - then filled his plate with his favorites after the food appeared. "Did you hear about the fire in Aladren this summer?" he questioned, mostly to gauge how far the word had spread than because he felt it needed explaining after their conversation at the returning feast last January.

It had certainly been in the news at home, but it was a local story there, so naturally it got covered. "Er, the town, not here," he added as he belatedly realized there could be confusion. "It was grandfather again," he sighed heavily. "Only got our own property this time, not the whole city, so there was that. Mom and me went to the Netherlands for a couple months while he and Dad rebuilt the house. Hopefully your summer went better?"

  • This is definitely an improvement.Joe Umland, Thu Aug 24 19:14
    It was, Joe thought as he took his place for the Welcoming Feast, amazing the difference a year could make. A year ago, hed stepped out of a frying pan (his family teetering on the brink of... more
    • So is fourth year cursed then? — Jozua Sparks, Wed Aug 30 16:06
      • I think they just keep getting shorter, Joe remarked to Jozuas question about the first years. Im not tall now, but I dont think I was that short then, so logically, they must be getting... more
        • Should we hire a curse breaker?Jozua Sparks, Tue Sep 26 13:20
          "Ha," Jozua responded, more word than laugh when Joe confirmed, with very questionable logic, that the first years were indeed getting smaller. That was fine though. He didn't need solid logic today, ... more
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