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Well, you never know... there are wizards about.
Wed Aug 30, 2017 16:29

Gary looked at the boy that had sat down next to him, the only other first year who's badge had turned blue. He had wondered during orientation and the tour if any of the boys would be his roommate. Being an only child, he never had a roommate before, and now he did have one. He wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that. It could be cool, it could be really strange as well. Well, he'd have to find out through experience.

He smiled, "Hi Jehan, I'm Gary." Jehan had sang along with the song, and seemed pretty comfortable being surrounded by people of varying degrees of reality-altering power, and control over that power. If he had to guess, he'd say his new roommate has grown up around the idea of a magical world. That would probably turn out to be a good thing. Hopefully.

"I hope so," Gary responded to Jehan's question, "But I suppose time will tell." He subtly gestured around the room trying to indicate the various magical wonders without drawing to much attention from everyone else in the hall, "A lot of this is new to me, do you know how it all works?" Hopefully this line of questioning would get some good information without alienating his roommate to much. If they were going to live together for the next seven or so years, he couldn't botch this up right from the start.

  • Did you not expect to?Jehan Callahan, Wed Aug 30 01:33
    Orientation in the Labyrinth Gardens had actually been quite fun. Contrary to probably everyone’s expectations, Jehan seemed to have made a friend already. Dorian was an interesting boy, who seemed... more
    • Well, you never know... there are wizards about. — Gary, Wed Aug 30 16:29
      • Shady characters, wizardsJehan, Tue Sep 5 08:07
        Gary could be officially added to the list of Friendly People, which was probably a good thing. A roommate feud could have the potential to be dramatic, which would be fun, but really it was nice to... more
        • You need to be careful around themGary, Wed Sep 6 16:49
          Jehan seemed like a good guy. At least, that was the first impression Gary was getting, he never was one for instantly assessing someone new. To be fair however, he didn't make it a habit to go out... more
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