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Owen Brockert
No, it wasn't
Wed Aug 30, 2017 19:20

It was his last Opening Feast and Owen couldn't help but feel sentimental. True, this wasn't where he'd met the most special person to him in the entire world-that had been in flying lessons of all places-but he'd met Tobi and while the seventh year couldn't say they'd remained especially close, the older boy had been there for him on his first day when he'd been a bit nervous and overwhelmed. He couldn't help but wonder what Tobi was doing now. He had left school early last year.

He watched the first years get sorted, pleased to see Ruby was going to be in Teppenpaw with him.

As Jemima gripped Owen's hand tightly under the table, butterflies flew in his stomach. It would be so special if they both won and got to be Head Students together. Though Owen felt she had a much better chance than he did. After all, Jemima was....Jemima. How could anyone not vote for her? She was amazing and special and just the all around best candidate and that was saying something considering that she was up against Ginger who was also his friend and pretty great. Just not as great as Jemima.

He, on the other hand, was up against Jack Spencer so, yeah, he was doomed .

But then, Uncle Mortimer announced his name. Owen looked up wide eyed, in shock. He had beaten Jack Spencer ? Someone who was a Quidditch playing intellectual. Things people tended to like, even though being good at sports really had no bearing on someone's ability to do things like be Head Boy. Still, Head Student boiled down to a popularity contest and he'd always assumed Jack was better liked among those who weren't close with either of them.

However, his uncle had not called Jemima's name, but Sammy Meeks' instead. Huh? Owen had nothing against the Pecari but if it was him, it was supposed to be Jemima too. The two of them were a pair. Not to mention he was just plain surprised that she hadn't swept it. He imagined his own win was by a narrow margin, probably a single vote.

Anyway, he stood up there with Sammy and the prefects-he was glad Angelique had gotten it, she'd had a tough time of things here at Sonora-and got his badge. Then he went back to his seat where Jemima hugged and congratulated him. However, even though she was smiling, she seemed visibly upset. "Thanks. Are you all right? I'm really really sorry you didn't win. You totally should have."

  • It wasn't supposed to go like this (tag Owen)Jemima Wolseithcrafte , Sun Aug 27 10:25
    Jemima was super excited for the Opening Feast. She always looked forward to it, as it was an exciting occasion and a chance for her and Owen to indulge in one of their favourite hobbies - eating new ... more
    • No, it wasn't — Owen Brockert, Wed Aug 30 19:20
      • Well, what now?Jemima, Tue Sep 5 08:18
        Jemima hesitated, torn between wanting to reassure Owen that of course she was fine (and to not take away from him getting the award), and the fact that that was a lie, and she wasn't sure she'd ever ... more
        • Um, I guess we eatOwen, Fri Sep 22 17:52
          Owen nodded. "So do I but you know, prefects and Head Students work together on things. Which means we'll actually get to spend more time together because before you would be doing...prefect things... more
          • Sounds good to meJemima, Sat Sep 23 00:10
            ďThatís true,Ē Jemima smiled, brightening as Owen mentioned how they could work together. Just because Sammy was head girl and Owen head boy, it didnít mean they had to take patrols together. And... more
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