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Victor Callahan
Not the only Callahan [Tag Simon and/or Winston]
Thu Aug 31, 2017 07:12

Victor let out a sigh as he sat down at the Crotalus table. This was it. This was the moment when Jehan’s time at Sonora would properly start. Victor was not often worried, preferring to go with the flow and adopt a ‘what will be will be’ attitude, but Jehan was the exception to that rule.

Ever since Jehan had been born, a tiny little scrap of a baby, Victor had felt this strange protective urge. His little brother had been such an important part of his life ever since, no matter the headaches that had caused. Jehan seemed to have a knack for working out exactly what he shouldn’t do, and then doing it. From dressing unconventionally, to being too friendly to the staff, to trying to be vegetarian, to somehow finding the wrong books to read, Victor often found himself having to cover up for the things his little brother did. It was an annoyance, breaking the tradition of the carefree way he liked to live life, but Victor didn’t mind. He’d do anything for Jehan.

But now Jehan was starting Sonora. Already, for the past two years, Victor hadn’t always been there for his brother. And now Jehan was going to be at the same school as him, but in some ways even further away. Jehan would make friends, spend time with them, and Victor could only hope that Jehan remembered how he was supposed to behave. For their family’s sake, for the sake of the Callahan name and, most importantly, for Jehan’s happiness.

Victor held his breath as Jehan was sorted, hoping for Crotalus. It was very unlikely, but it would be cool if Jehan could be in the same house as him. But no, he went to Aladren. Then there were badges handed out to the Head students and prefects (would that be Victor in two years’ time?), the school song to sing, and finally food! Victor remembered how hungry he was, and immediately started helping himself.

Once he was fully supplied with enough food to last him a few minutes, he turned to the nearest of his roommates. “How was your summer, then?” he asked.

OOC: I don’t know if they’d be writing letters or not, but if they sent Victor any, they wouldn’t get many replies as he’s not very good at staying in touch.

  • Opening FeastHeadmaster Brockert, Fri Aug 18 14:55
    This year Mortimer was a bit more interested in the incoming students than he was last year as another of his granddaughters, Ruby, was going to be attending. She would be among the first students... more
    • Not the only Callahan [Tag Simon and/or Winston] — Victor Callahan, Thu Aug 31 07:12
    • The prefect year Nevaeh Reed, Mon Aug 28 15:35
      It had been a fairly usual, boring summer for Nevaeh. Now that she was older, her parents let her to places by herself, so she had spent a lot of time in the park. There was a great dog park within... more
    • Looks like it's just you and me [tag: Kelsey]Alistair Johnson, Mon Aug 28 10:37
      Alistair was entering his final year but he couldn't bring himself to feel excited. Numerous things had changed over the years he'd spent at Sonora, and because of all those things he found himself... more
      • And all of the people...Kelsey Atwater, Tue Sep 5 14:44
        Kelsey had had a marvelous summer, just as she'd had previous years. Now, though, she was back at Sonora for her final year. For the most part, she was ready to move on. The Crotalus knew that great... more
    • Not bad being back [tag: Isaac Song]Luke Powell, Mon Aug 28 02:58
      Luke's summer had been absolutely awesome, as always, and he was gutted that it had to come to an end. But at the same time he had been beginning to feel rather excited as the new term at Sonora drew ... more
      • I couldn't agree moreIsaac Song, Tue Aug 29 00:42
        Isaac was super stoked to be back at Sonora, but more than that to finally be a teenager. It was cool being a kid and all, but he couldn't wait to learn how to drive, to do things on his own with his ... more
    • It wasn't supposed to go like this (tag Owen)Jemima Wolseithcrafte , Sun Aug 27 10:25
      Jemima was super excited for the Opening Feast. She always looked forward to it, as it was an exciting occasion and a chance for her and Owen to indulge in one of their favourite hobbies - eating new ... more
      • No, it wasn'tOwen Brockert, Wed Aug 30 19:20
        It was his last Opening Feast and Owen couldn't help but feel sentimental. True, this wasn't where he'd met the most special person to him in the entire world-that had been in flying lessons of all... more
        • Well, what now?Jemima, Tue Sep 5 08:18
          Jemima hesitated, torn between wanting to reassure Owen that of course she was fine (and to not take away from him getting the award), and the fact that that was a lie, and she wasn't sure she'd ever ... more
          • Um, I guess we eatOwen, Fri Sep 22 17:52
            Owen nodded. "So do I but you know, prefects and Head Students work together on things. Which means we'll actually get to spend more time together because before you would be doing...prefect things... more
            • Sounds good to meJemima, Sat Sep 23 00:10
              “That’s true,” Jemima smiled, brightening as Owen mentioned how they could work together. Just because Sammy was head girl and Owen head boy, it didn’t mean they had to take patrols together. And... more
    • Alright, let's get this over with.Loren Aalto, Sun Aug 27 06:42
      Loren had found it difficult to adjust to life at Sonora Academy at first. There was so much to grow accustomed to, all worth it of course if it meant she didn’t have to see Brian everyday. He was... more
      • I feel the same way.Salali Bly, Mon Aug 28 16:20
        “Nobody’s ever going to want you, you know. You’re a freak.” Salali couldn’t stop hearing the words in her head. The other girls at the orphanage… did not like her. She hadn’t realized it before. She ... more
    • I made it!Gary Harper, Sat Aug 26 07:23
      Gary looked around the great hall in amazement as the tour of the school came to a conclusion. It was simply magnificent, but he would expect no less from actual wizards. He had lined up with the... more
      • Did you not expect to?Jehan Callahan, Wed Aug 30 01:33
        Orientation in the Labyrinth Gardens had actually been quite fun. Contrary to probably everyone’s expectations, Jehan seemed to have made a friend already. Dorian was an interesting boy, who seemed... more
        • Gary looked at the boy that had sat down next to him, the only other first year who's badge had turned blue. He had wondered during orientation and the tour if any of the boys would be his roommate.... more
          • Shady characters, wizardsJehan, Tue Sep 5 08:07
            Gary could be officially added to the list of Friendly People, which was probably a good thing. A roommate feud could have the potential to be dramatic, which would be fun, but really it was nice to... more
            • You need to be careful around themGary, Wed Sep 6 16:49
              Jehan seemed like a good guy. At least, that was the first impression Gary was getting, he never was one for instantly assessing someone new. To be fair however, he didn't make it a habit to go out... more
    • This is definitely an improvement.Joe Umland, Thu Aug 24 19:14
      It was, Joe thought as he took his place for the Welcoming Feast, amazing the difference a year could make. A year ago, he’d stepped out of a frying pan (his family teetering on the brink of... more
      • So is fourth year cursed then?Jozua Sparks, Wed Aug 30 16:06
        Jozua entered the Cascade Hall for the first time as a fourth year, wearing new clothes and new robes. In fact, pretty much everything he had was new this year. Though he guessed his classes would be ... more
        • “I think they just keep getting shorter,” Joe remarked to Jozua’s question about the first years. “I’m not tall now, but I don’t think I was that short then, so logically, they must be getting... more
          • Should we hire a curse breaker?Jozua Sparks, Tue Sep 26 13:20
            "Ha," Jozua responded, more word than laugh when Joe confirmed, with very questionable logic, that the first years were indeed getting smaller. That was fine though. He didn't need solid logic today, ... more
    • WorthlessKira Spaulding, Thu Aug 24 17:56
      Kira had just suffered through yet another miserable summer. Another summer of balls and parties, of being a wallflower while Kelsey and other similar girls held court. Nobody was going to ever want... more
      • Everything has changed.Daniel Fintoc , Tue Aug 29 02:35
        Daniel had changed. He had spent most of the past year running around after his grandfather with little recognition for his work and he'd grown tired of it. Perhaps he had taken the odd break every... more
    • Exhausted alreadyWu Peizhi, Thu Aug 24 15:40
      Advanced classes were upon her and her peers, and as such, Wu had spent a lot of her summer studying, both the course work and English. "No more excuses," Father had said. She was among the oldest in ... more
    • On to my next challenge.Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Aug 21 19:39
      Graceful carriage, Mama always said, was one of the most important traits a girl could cultivate. A sense of poise and refinement could distract the eye from any number of physical flaws, making... more
      • Someone I know!Parker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 22 14:48
        Parker Fitzgerald walked into the great hall gawking, or at least that is what his mom would have called it. He stared straight up trying to take it all in. The ceiling felt as if he were standing in ... more
        • Getting to know you better.Tatiana, Wed Aug 23 11:17
          So much food. Tatiana understood that well. ‘So much noun’ was one of the first constructions she had reliably mastered in English, as she used it to complain to Anton Petrovich about the existence... more
          • Siblings can be good ... or badParker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 24 11:33
            "Currytsa", Parker said outloud trying to remember the word. He remembered that Jose enjoyed it when people made an effort to speak in his language. Jose said it made him feel welcomed. Parker felt... more
            • I think mine are all pretty good.Tatiana, Thu Aug 24 13:28
              Tatiana smiled kindly at Parker’s attempt to say ‘chicken.’ It needed more emphasis on the first syllable, but considering she was not the best at pronouncing words in his language, either, she... more
              • No Siblings here eitherParker, Fri Aug 25 09:52
                "Coritza" Parker said again. "Coritza"Parker repeated. Once his mom realized that Parker was not the sort to sit still for things he wasn't interested in learning about, she constantly talked about... more
                • That could be good or bad.Tatiana, Fri Aug 25 14:30
                  No magic. Tatiana still could not get her head around that no matter how many times it was explained to her, kind of like all the extra words in English. How did people function with no magic?... more
                  • Food MapsParker, Fri Aug 25 15:59
                    Parker heard where she lived and picked up Vole- something - aya and Dare something-a. He wasn't sure if that was a place that was somewhere he had learned about in class and missed, but he felt it... more
    • One for the road.Sammy Meeks, Mon Aug 21 15:09
      It was an odd feeling, coming back to Sonora after the summer and knowing this was the last time she’d do so. Sammy wasn’t someone who enjoyed being sad, as most sane humans weren’t, and she did her... more
    • StewingDustin Newell, Mon Aug 21 14:40
      She left. She just up and left. Dustin couldn't believe it. She had shared their lives forever and their home for years, and in the span of one night - unless she had been quietly planning this... more
    • Not my day.Peyton O'Malley, Sat Aug 19 17:09
      Orientation had been lovely but now Peyton was feeling nervous. Sorting was kind of...a big deal. Where she was placed wouldn't have any determination about how people she was already close to would... more
      • I'm not evil, I promise.Jasmine Delachene, Sat Aug 19 20:49
        Jasmine's mother had told her, under the strictest of confidences, how sorting worked. You drank a potion and your skin changed colors. She had said it was one of Pecari's most redeeming features,... more
        • Glad to hear itPeyton, Sat Aug 26 20:38
          Peyton gave the other girl-the one who was apparently her roommate-a friendly, yet cautious smile. Cautious because she was not sure what Jasmine was like yet even though she had spoken kindly,... more
          • As soon as Peyton greeted her as 'Miss Delachene' Jasmine wanted to encourage her new roommate to call her by her given name, but she politely waited until the other girl was done speaking before... more
    • Of French fools (or one in particular)Sébastien Évreux, Sat Aug 19 06:36
      Louis Valois was an idiot , and Sébastien had never been happier. Oh, he’d been so angry when he’d heard about the death of Old Man Valois. Why should Louis become the head of one of the finest... more
      • And English wits.Lily Spencer, Tue Aug 29 01:06
        Over the summer, Lily had discovered something very interesting: Muggle television and films. It was a moving box of pictures that told stories without speaking directly to her. She could get right... more
        • I've never cared much for the EnglishSébastien, Tue Aug 29 11:44
          Apparently Sébastien had misjudged his social status at Sonora. Lily Spencer seemed to think he was important enough to risk breaking the rules for, although that wasn’t saying much. Lily Spencer... more
          • We're a rather fine bunch.Lily, Wed Aug 30 01:39
            It was shocking to hear that her friend had transferred, and, to Lily, it was most unexpected. Her face fell and she grew suddenly melancholy, silently mourning her loss. She knew enough French to... more
    • A new man Louis Valois, Sat Aug 19 06:32
      It was so surreal, being back at Sonora. Louis felt like he had changed so much, grown up so much, and yet here was everything, just the same as it had been when he’d left for the holidays. He smiled ... more
      • #cantrelateFlorence Newell, Mon Aug 28 16:07
        Flo was wearing her hair in a braid. This was significant for two reasons, one vastly more important than the other. Firstly, this frustrated her because it meant her hair was long enough for braids. ... more
        • I would be a little surprised if you couldLouis, Tue Aug 29 11:19
          Louis didn’t know Florence that well, but enjoyed the interesting contrast of interacting with her in real life and hearing about her from Dustin. It wasn’t that Dustin talked about his sister all... more
    • Back in the Swing of ThingsKit Reid, Sat Aug 19 00:49
      The first day of school was always fun. Everyone was excited to see friends they hadn’t seen much, if at all, during the summer. It was interesting to see all of the changes that had occurred. It was ... more
      • Swing and a MissJennifer White, Mon Aug 21 10:20
        Second year was so much better than first year. The school was familiar, a lot of the faces were familiar, but more than that, Jen had brought her skateboard to school. Her mother’s argument that it... more
        • Try again?Kit, Sat Aug 26 10:15
          Kit hesitated a moment before agreeing. “Yeah, it’s pretty casual. My parents would never approve though.” There were many reasons that her parents wouldn’t approve. They wouldn’t approve of a girl... more
          • Getting warmerJen White, Mon Aug 28 14:41
            While she chewed her food, Jen considered Kit’s statement that her parents wouldn’t approve. She got that. Parents could be so weird. Like her Mom not letting her bring her board to school in first... more
    • Enthusiastic Ruby Brockert, Fri Aug 18 17:25
      Ruby was so excited to be at Sonora. Here she would make friends for life and maybe she'd even meet that someone special the way Owen had. She often fantasised about such things. Someday, she would... more
      • Trying to be likewiseDorian Montoir, Sat Aug 19 10:29
        Dorian followed Professor Xavier on their tour. He wasn't sure he committed it all to memory but he wasn't really worried about getting lost. That, he felt, was expected. People would understand, and ... more
        • So is my authorRuby, Tue Aug 22 17:57
          "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Montoir." Ruby replied the way she had been taught. She had never stopped to think that the formality she was brought up with was weird or could be off putting or made her... more
          • How's it going?Dorian, Sat Sep 2 08:19
            "Thank you," Dorian nodded when, once they had got past the formal introductions, she said he could just call her Ruby. "And you may call me Dorian," he added. He was glad to have been sorted into... more
            • It varies.Ruby, Sat Sep 16 16:08
              Ruby nodded. She guessed it was like how everyone knew who the Brockerts were. She was merely curious because of Chaslyn, a cousin of hers she didn't even know, had married one not long ago and the... more
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