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How's it going?
Sat Sep 2, 2017 08:19

"Thank you," Dorian nodded when, once they had got past the formal introductions, she said he could just call her Ruby. "And you may call me Dorian," he added. He was glad to have been sorted into Teppenpaw. It did seem like it would be a more relaxed and friendly place.

"Of course, everyone in society know them," he confirmed when she asked if he knew the Beausangs. Obviously he, personally, did not know them very well because he was an eleven year old child and they were big, important grown ups. At least, the figures who came to mind when he heard the name were, there were probably younger ones too, at the school they ran. He wasn't sure whether his family was out of favour for having sent him here, whether it seemed like a snub. Assuming, of course, they'd been in favour anyway... Canadian society was predominantly white, and a few people in society looked down their noses at his family. Luckily, Ruby did not seem to want an in depth analysis of his family's relationship with the Beausangs, she just mentioned it in passing because of her cousin. He settled for nodding politely as she rattled off a dizzying list of relatives. However, as she went on to talk about the sorting ceremony, one particular relative caught his attention. Grandfather. With a nod to the staff table. Yikes. He knew that the Brockerts were powerful and important, and that they ran the school but he hadn't bargained on talking to the headmaster's granddaughter right away. He tried to reason that Ruby seemed perfectly nice so far, but he found his mouth had gone rather dry. He picked up a pitcher and a goblet.

"Juice?" he managed to ask, remembering to offer her some before pouring for himself.

The subject of roommates luckily took them back away from the subject of families, with Ruby sighing over the fact that she'd be alone, before noticing his concern.

"I just worried a little bit. Seven years is a long time if he do not like me. So far, everyone I meet is very nice," he added, smiling at Ruby first before his eyes slid over to where Jehan was sitting at the Aladren table. "So maybe I..." he hesitated. To 'miss his luck' did not sound quite right, "I have no more luck?" he suggested.

  • So is my authorRuby, Tue Aug 22 17:57
    "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Montoir." Ruby replied the way she had been taught. She had never stopped to think that the formality she was brought up with was weird or could be off putting or made her... more
    • How's it going? — Dorian, Sat Sep 2 08:19
      • It varies.Ruby, Sat Sep 16 16:08
        Ruby nodded. She guessed it was like how everyone knew who the Brockerts were. She was merely curious because of Chaslyn, a cousin of hers she didn't even know, had married one not long ago and the... more
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