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Kir McLeod
Fancy meeting you here (tag Kit and any awkward tag alongs)
Sun Sep 3, 2017 07:56

Kir had planned to have breakfast with Kit the day after the returning feast, so that he had the chance to see her properly and catch up before they had to start classes. Kit was not at all aware of this arrangement. He hadn't had a chance to ask her yesterday, and it seemed too weird and formal to send her a letter, and also he was shy about asking her directly to spend too much time with him because he was worried both about her saying 'no' and also about her working out that he Liked her (with a capital L) and then he wasn't sure what would happen but it might well not be anything good, because he wasn't the sort of person Kit was meant to go out with. Thus he had carefully arranged things so that he could casually run into her over breakfast. He had come down to the hall early, and sat poised with one piece of bread on his plate, so as to give the appearance of coincidentally having just started assembling his meal whenever it was that Kit appeared. He had also placed his bag on the chair next to him and had his quill and parchment out to compose a quick letter home, so as to put off people who weren't Kit.

And now he was waiting and trying to not worry about how this could go wrong. Roommates! Damn, he hadn't thought about the roommates. He really hoped they weren't with her. That would totally ruin his date plan... breakfast. Damn. She was probably going to be with her roommates. Why had he not thought of that?

He saw Kit enter, trying to work out whether she was with any of the people around her or just happened to be coming in at the same time.

"Hi," he waved, or at least tried to. His body had this habit of forgetting how it normally accomplished perfectly ordinary movements and only managing to do really awkward imitations when Kit was around. It was thoroughly inconvenient. "Do you want to join me for breakfast?" he asked, scooping his bag off the seat and rolling up his letter.

    • I know! Do you come here often?Kit Reid, Fri Sep 8 19:41
      The best part of the first day of school, as in the first day of classes, was everything! Kit was thrilled to be wearing a new outfit. She had opted for a black shirt that had a mix of small white... more
      • She said yes! Ok, it wasnít the most surprising turn of events, or a hard won victory, but it still made Kirís heart do a little backflip that Kit wanted to have breakfast with him. He smiled as she... more
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