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Shady characters, wizards
Tue Sep 5, 2017 08:07

Gary could be officially added to the list of Friendly People, which was probably a good thing. A roommate feud could have the potential to be dramatic, which would be fun, but really it was nice to know that you could sleep in peace, knowing your roommate didn’t hate you (well, not yet. Not that Jehan planned to give him cause to, but you never knew with people).

“You’re the first Gary I’ve met,” Jehan informed the other boy, feeling surprised that he’d never met anyone else called Gary. He felt like he should have- hadn’t their first tutor been called Gary? No, he was Jerry. His statement still stood.

Gary also seemed positive about being here, but realistic too. Jehan imagined that was wise, being aware that many things could happen, although he thought that being too realistic wasn’t such a good idea. Life could get boring quickly, that way. Gary’s next comment revealed that he was a muggleborn, which perhaps explained why he was a little wary. Jehan wasn’t sure how he felt about the word muggle. It seemed to give a bit of an us-and-them mentality, which was sad, as they were all humans. But then again, it was sometimes useful to have a word to distinguish who was and wasn’t magical.

“It’s not new to me,” confirmed Jehan, having been brought up firmly in the magical community. He’d never even met a Muggle – that is to say, a non-magical person – which was rather a shame.

“I mostly know how it works, but I’m not so sure I understand how it works,” he continued, abandoning his bean salad to turn his attention more firmly to Gary and their conversation. “Things become less interesting once you understand them. Besides, the magical world is probably just the same as everywhere else.” This was a long-held theory of his, and he was keen to see what Gary thought. “The main difficulty with understanding anything is that people do strange things. It’s not so much the magic that makes it hard to know how things work.”

Jehan knew that magic had rules. It was simple, predictable, understandable. In his experience, it was only once people were added into the mix that life got confusing. Everybody valued different things, and Jehan hadn’t yet found anyone who was completely on his wavelength, completely understandable. Except perhaps Dorian? Although that would need more study, as they’d only had a brief conversation. He glanced over to Dorian, sad that the other boy wasn’t in his house too, and noticed that Dorian happened to be looking at him at the same moment. He smiled to himself.

“Did you want to know how anything specific works?” he asked Gary, realising that the other boy had, perhaps, meant the question more in a practical way than a theoretical way.

OOC: Sorry about the delay, rl got in the way!

  • Gary looked at the boy that had sat down next to him, the only other first year who's badge had turned blue. He had wondered during orientation and the tour if any of the boys would be his roommate.... more
    • Shady characters, wizards — Jehan, Tue Sep 5 08:07
      • You need to be careful around themGary, Wed Sep 6 16:49
        Jehan seemed like a good guy. At least, that was the first impression Gary was getting, he never was one for instantly assessing someone new. To be fair however, he didn't make it a habit to go out... more
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