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Well, what now?
Tue Sep 5, 2017 08:18

Jemima hesitated, torn between wanting to reassure Owen that of course she was fine (and to not take away from him getting the award), and the fact that that was a lie, and she wasn't sure she'd ever lied to him.

"Thank you," she smiled, at his show of support. "I'm ok," she assured him, because him asking and caring at least meant that it was partially true, and she knew that she wasn't going to remain upset over this forever, it was just a bit of a disappointment. She brushed away a couple of tears that had escaped. "I just wish we got to do this together," she added, "It would have been fun. But I'm really happy for you - you deserve it.

"Now... What foods shall try this year?" she asked, surveying the table. There were some old favourites that she wanted to revisit - she had a feeling that nostalgia might well be the theme of the year, but it was tradition that they tried something new every time. Hopefully Sonora wouldn't let them down this last time.

  • No, it wasn'tOwen Brockert, Wed Aug 30 19:20
    It was his last Opening Feast and Owen couldn't help but feel sentimental. True, this wasn't where he'd met the most special person to him in the entire world-that had been in flying lessons of all... more
    • Well, what now? — Jemima, Tue Sep 5 08:18
      • Um, I guess we eatOwen, Fri Sep 22 17:52
        Owen nodded. "So do I but you know, prefects and Head Students work together on things. Which means we'll actually get to spend more time together because before you would be doing...prefect things... more
        • Sounds good to meJemima, Sat Sep 23 00:10
          ďThatís true,Ē Jemima smiled, brightening as Owen mentioned how they could work together. Just because Sammy was head girl and Owen head boy, it didnít mean they had to take patrols together. And... more
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