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Excellent. May I assume you are not evil as well?
Tue Sep 5, 2017 09:08

As soon as Peyton greeted her as 'Miss Delachene' Jasmine wanted to encourage her new roommate to call her by her given name, but she politely waited until the other girl was done speaking before doing so. "You may call me Jasmine as well," she invited at the first opportunity and made the mental note to include that invitation to her future introductions. "Pleased to meet you, Peyton," she added with a smile. Whew. She'd won the sorting lottery. Peyton sounded like the good sort of friend she was supposed to make here.

She considered Peyton's question thoughtfully, not having considered Sonora in those terms before. Her mother had impressed upon her the importance of making the right sort of friends, and being a good role model for when her sister came, and remembering her etiquette lessons, and passing her classes. And though she had certainly lamented the reassuring things of home that couldn't come with her, and even rejoiced in some of the less pleasant chores that she would not have to do while away at school, Jasmine had not actually stopped to think about what there was to look forward to.

And while she was glad to be at the same school as Arianna finally, she was just enough worried that the older girl would think her too young to spend time with to mention that. Besides, she didn't want Peyton to think Jasmine found other first years too childish. Compared to Anya and Phillipe, her usual companions, more eleven year olds would be relative fonts of maturity.

"I suppose I'd like to sit out in the gardens and just enjoy watching and listening to a fountain," she mused. "Sonora seems to have so much beauty in it. Would you care to join me? I imagine it would be more pleasant with good company."

Then, because she was curious, she asked in return, "What are you looking forward to?"

  • Glad to hear itPeyton, Sat Aug 26 20:38
    Peyton gave the other girl-the one who was apparently her roommate-a friendly, yet cautious smile. Cautious because she was not sure what Jasmine was like yet even though she had spoken kindly,... more
    • Excellent. May I assume you are not evil as well? — Jasmine , Tue Sep 5 09:08
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