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Kelsey Atwater
And all of the people...
Tue Sep 5, 2017 14:44

Kelsey had had a marvelous summer, just as she'd had previous years. Now, though, she was back at Sonora for her final year. For the most part, she was ready to move on. The Crotalus knew that great things were ahead of her in life.

Starting with Head Girl. She sat waiting for Headmaster Brockert to call her name. While she did, she watched the Sorting Ceremony with mixed feelings. On the one hand, tradition was important. On the other hand, what sort of tradition would force purebloods to drink out of the same vessel as muggleborns?

Anyway, now for the more important stuff. Head Student. She listened carefully as the headmaster called Owen....and Sammy !? What?? How could Kelsey have lost to a Muggleborn. This was just so wrong. Losing to Jemima would have been one thing but this was just...not okay. And Sammy was a Pecari too and they weren't exactly known for being responsible. Plus, she was just plain an overall terrible role model what with a being a female Quidditch player and all.

The Crotalus was completely aghast. Still, she didn't let it show on her face for more than a second. Kelsey was quite good at keeping her face a perfect mask even when she was seething inside like now. How could she have lost to someone like that? Whatever happened to standards and selecting leaders who were good for the job? People who were mature, responsible and took things seriously. Who understood the importance of their position. Kelsey was certain Sammy wouldn't in the least know what she was doing.

She was able to put that all aside though to talk to Alistair. The Crotalus was always extremely happy to talk to him and this would probably be their last year together. If one thing bothered Kelsey about graduating it was that. Still, it was time to put childhood aside no matter how she felt about certain individuals. She had better opportunities out there. Like Maurice Ashworth IV. The Ashworths were one of the oldest families in the country. That was hard to pass up. After all, that was the most important thing in life, much more so than feelings."Oh it was. Absolutely fabulous. I've had so many betrothal offers and we're sorting through them. How was yours? Did you meet with any Quidditch scouts?"

Kelsey knew that was her friend's dream and she supported him. She, though, was personally looking for someone with a classier, more substantial career.

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    • And all of the people... — Kelsey Atwater, Tue Sep 5 14:44
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