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You need to be careful around them
Wed Sep 6, 2017 16:49

Jehan seemed like a good guy. At least, that was the first impression Gary was getting, he never was one for instantly assessing someone new. To be fair however, he didn't make it a habit to go out and meet a lot of new people. The big, open, social scene was not one that he sought out... ever. The banquet in the hall had been nudging his social comfort level into the 'red zone' when he first arrived. Once the sorting was over, he could just focus on the headmaster, and then food. Now it was Jehan, and that was okay as well. He could just tune out the rest of the room. Hopefully his new roommate didn't have a bunch of friends already that he was going to call over soon. That may not go well, especially after nearly freaking out at the orientation.

"Well, I think you're the first Jehan I've ever met," Gary replied. There had been that monk from the windswept crag adventure a few years back, but he didn't think NPCs counted. He also hoped that his roommate didn't share the same fate as that poor monk, hopefully there weren't many chimeras around the school grounds.

Jehan's distinction brought a smile to Gary's face. "That is a key difference, between knowledge and understanding. It's a similar difference between intelligence and wisdom I think." The boy's comments had got him thinking, and he began to ramble voicing his thoughts as they processed through his head. "Knowing how something works is inherently different than understanding it, right?" His mind leapt to the wagons that had brought them to the school, "For instance, in a standard, mundane covered wagon, you know that the main body rests on axles and they allow the wheels to turn when pulled. If you understand that function of the same wagon, you not only know how it works, but also how it can be used properly, and how it could be used in situations other than travel. You understand what is happening and could apply the same ideas in different contexts if necessary. Magic most likely operates similarly, once you know how it works and understand why it is doing whatever it is doing, you can apply that to other areas... I doubt flying wagons was the initial application of the 'raise things up in the air' spell." He paused to take a breath, and reddened a bit as he looked at Jehan.

"Sorry, sometimes my brain runs away from me." He considered Jehan's question for a moment, before replying, "What powers it all? Where does the energy come from to lift the wagons, or to move these waterfalls?"

  • Shady characters, wizardsJehan, Tue Sep 5 08:07
    Gary could be officially added to the list of Friendly People, which was probably a good thing. A roommate feud could have the potential to be dramatic, which would be fun, but really it was nice to... more
    • You need to be careful around them — Gary, Wed Sep 6 16:49
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