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Kit Reid
I know! Do you come here often?
Fri Sep 8, 2017 19:41

The best part of the first day of school, as in the first day of classes, was everything! Kit was thrilled to be wearing a new outfit. She had opted for a black shirt that had a mix of small white polka dots and pink roses over a bright pink skirt. She had her first pair of real heels. They weren’t anything like the ones that supermodels wore that were more like stilts, but they were taller than anything that she had been allowed to wear before. Her hair was left loose in soft curls. She felt incredibly grown up.

And, though, she would never admit this to anyone, Kit’s favorite thing was her new backpack, which was black with white polka dots and had her initial stitched on in pink, and all of the new notebooks and quills contained inside. She might have been in Aladren House, which let it be known that she was intelligent, but she still wasn’t ready to admit that she was a complete nerd. She absolutely adored the spell of new stationary supplies. She couldn’t wait to begin taking notes.

Unfortunately, breakfast came first. Kit was on her way to the Aladren table to sit with her friends when she saw Kir. Her cheeks warmed up at the sight of him. She waved back and made her way over to the table to chat with him for a moment. Well, that was until he invited her to join him. “Oh, uh, sure.” Kit smiled, internally she was jumping for joy. What a great way to start the year! She would apologize later for not having joined Amelia and the other girls, though, she hadn’t actually made official plans to eat breakfast with them, so she assumed it was okay. Besides, she hoped they would know by now that they would be welcomed if they joined her and Kir. It might even help with some of the nervousness she was feeling.

Kit had always considered Kir a good friend, but just something about this year was different. She wet her lips anxiously. She had always been able to talk to Kir and now it was like all of her words were gone, simply locked away in some recess of her brain that she couldn’t seem to gain access to. “So, uh, how was your summer? I wrote a couple of times, but I wasn’t sure if you got them. We went to Europe for vacation and some of our mail got lost.” She was rambling like a newbie, but the words just kept coming out. “It was really funny cause the owl that they had wasn’t very good and would deliver mail to us that was intended for a wizard in Italy while we were in France, but then when we were in Italy, the same owl delivered our mail to France.”

  • Kir had planned to have breakfast with Kit the day after the returning feast, so that he had the chance to see her properly and catch up before they had to start classes. Kit was not at all aware of... more
    • I know! Do you come here often? — Kit Reid, Fri Sep 8 19:41
      • She said yes! Ok, it wasn’t the most surprising turn of events, or a hard won victory, but it still made Kir’s heart do a little backflip that Kit wanted to have breakfast with him. He smiled as she... more
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