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It varies.
Sat Sep 16, 2017 16:08

Ruby nodded. She guessed it was like how everyone knew who the Brockerts were. She was merely curious because of Chaslyn, a cousin of hers she didn't even know, had married one not long ago and the new Teppenpaw loved thinking about weddings! Her own in particular, though that was years away. Still, she adored thinking about it all. Herself in a long beautiful dress and sparkling jewels, lovely sweet smelling flowers all around. Her groom, whomever he may end up being, a man who loved her with all his heart and soul and whom she loved with hers.

Dorian offered her some juice and she accepted gracefully. "Thank you."

"Oh!" Ruby exclaimed. "No, don't worry. This is Teppenpaw. Teppenpaws are nice and you seem like you'll fit in just fine with that." She tried to reassure Dorian. "I'm sure he'll like you and vice versa. Plus, I'm here and my cousin Owen, who just got Head Boy, is in our house. I'm sure you can go to him with any concerns you have. Or to his girlfriend, Jemima whose one of the prefects. Or to our other prefects I guess." Ruby was less familiar with them, as neither Angelique nor Owen spoke much of them.

"Do you have family here?" The first year asked. Maybe they could help Dorian out too. It was a huge comfort for her knowing she had Emerald and Owen and Angelique and even Grandfather. She knew that for all his crankiness, her grandfather really did love her, her siblings and his other grandchildren.

  • How's it going?Dorian, Sat Sep 2 08:19
    "Thank you," Dorian nodded when, once they had got past the formal introductions, she said he could just call her Ruby. "And you may call me Dorian," he added. He was glad to have been sorted into... more
    • It varies. — Ruby, Sat Sep 16 16:08
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