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Yes. I mean, no. I mean... the least suspect answer.
Mon Sep 18, 2017 02:35

She said yes! Ok, it wasn’t the most surprising turn of events, or a hard won victory, but it still made Kir’s heart do a little backflip that Kit wanted to have breakfast with him. He smiled as she sat down beside him, the flowery smell from her hair drifting over.

“Oh no, that’s crazy,” he laughed, when she told him about all their owl mix ups. “I got one letter from you,” he confirmed, when she asked. He had been super excited to hear from Kit, and it was even better now he knew she had tried to write to him multiple times. “I wasn’t sure where to write back though. It seemed like you were moving around a lot. What places did you see?

“My summer was really good. We managed to get some really good together time, which isn’t always easy with my dad and my aunts all working in the same place - it can be hard for them to take time off together. We went camping for two weeks, and my parents came for the first week, and my aunts for the second week, but we had a long weekend in the middle where everyone was there together,” he explained. Even though they didn’t quite live in the same house, Kir regarded his aunts as pretty much immediate family, as they were around so much. “Have you ever been camping?” he asked Kit.

  • I know! Do you come here often?Kit Reid, Fri Sep 8 19:41
    The best part of the first day of school, as in the first day of classes, was everything! Kit was thrilled to be wearing a new outfit. She had opted for a black shirt that had a mix of small white... more
    • Yes. I mean, no. I mean... the least suspect answer. — Kir, Mon Sep 18 02:35
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