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At the moment, I'm going to have to go with 'yes.'
Thu Sep 21, 2017 15:24

“I think they just keep getting shorter,” Joe remarked to Jozua’s question about the first years. “I’m not tall now, but I don’t think I was that short then, so logically, they must be getting shorter than they used to be.” This was not serious logic, of course, but he and Jozua (except in the most literal sense with the latter, in a way which had nothing to do with Houses) were only semi-Aladrens and so he could poke fun at logic sometimes instead of borderline enshrining it.

“Thanks,” said Joe when Jozua congratulated him on the bizarre thing which had just happened involving him, a guy he’d hit last year, and a badge that wasn’t more akin to the Scarlet Letter than anything desirable. Brockert had to have simply forgotten who Joe was, that was the only possible answer for it.

He knew little about the Sparks family, just what Jozua had mentioned in conversation, but that was enough for Joe to suspect the ensuing story wasn’t going to be happy when Jozua asked did you hear about the fire in Aladren. “I…don’t think I did,” he admitted cautiously, and the reason for that was soon revealed: apparently, Jozua’s relatives had not managed to demolish a town this time. Just their own house. Joe winced at the mention of going to the Netherlands while said house was rebuilt and took a minute to thank God and St. Joseph and Aquinas all together that John’s outbursts of temper when they were younger – and, frankly, even more recently – had more often had results opposite of firestarting. Things could be damaged when they were suddenly and unnaturally frozen and/or telekinetically thrown around, but fire was a bit harder to deal with. Fires spread.

“Uh – yeah,” he said when Jozua asked if his summer had gone better. “My brother came home, and my sister got married – sorry to hear yours, man, that’s awful. Was it just some damage or….” Well, that was a stupid question, if only because Jozua might not want to answer it. Joe had had a hard enough time when his house had only metaphorically been burned down; he imagined the actual loss of the structure, not having home to go back to as it had been anymore, would be worse.

  • So is fourth year cursed then?Jozua Sparks, Wed Aug 30 16:06
    Jozua entered the Cascade Hall for the first time as a fourth year, wearing new clothes and new robes. In fact, pretty much everything he had was new this year. Though he guessed his classes would be ... more
    • At the moment, I'm going to have to go with 'yes.' — Joe, Thu Sep 21 15:24
      • Should we hire a curse breaker?Jozua Sparks, Tue Sep 26 13:20
        "Ha," Jozua responded, more word than laugh when Joe confirmed, with very questionable logic, that the first years were indeed getting smaller. That was fine though. He didn't need solid logic today, ... more
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