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Sounds good to me
Sat Sep 23, 2017 00:10

“That’s true,” Jemima smiled, brightening as Owen mentioned how they could work together. Just because Sammy was head girl and Owen head boy, it didn’t mean they had to take patrols together. And Sammy would probably be more interested in patrolling with her own friends, so hopefully they could all agree on a roster that made everyone happy.

“It doesn’t have to be something romantic. I mean, we rarely get privacy in Teppenpaw. It’s just nice to be together,” she added, as he weighed up the relative merits of the lounge. Of course, time alone definitely had its plus points too, and they’d put it to good use last year. She couldn’t quite imagine using the prefect lounge for making out though. As he pointed out, there was too much potential for other people, and particularly embarrassing ones, to walk in on them.

“Meatballs stuffed with cheese sound like heaven,” she grinned, holding out her plate. “And those too,” she nodded. She hadn’t recognised the name for the dumpling things he’d used, but who didn’t like dumplings in all forms? “They’re not gyoza?” she asked, as the dish he’d pointed out looked very similar, to her. Japanese was her favourite food. Well, sort of… Everything was her favourite food, and it didn’t have a lot of cheese, which was easily one of the best inventions ever… Jemima did not take after her siblings in terms of body type - the other four were all beanpoles, skinny, tall and athletic. She often thought it was unfair that they naturally had that body type when they didn’t even really need it - they all did so much sport they’d have burnt off any number of calories easily, whilst she was both shorter, rounder and more prone to sedentary activities, such as art, than they were, which weren’t the best combination for her waistline (along with the fact that she would probably describe ‘eating’ as her second favourite hobby). Though perhaps it all went together… Perhaps the tall, skinny genes came packaged somehow with the desire to do sport. Maybe if she’d been tall and thin like her siblings, she’d have been a completely different person. And Owen certainly showed no signs of objecting to her appearance. He’d started dating her when she’d been all pudgy cheeked with what she still regarded as baby fat. If he’d been hoping she’d outgrow it and morph into a tall, elegant swan, he would have been disappointed. But he was still piling her plate high at every feast. She was by no means fat - she had some luck with her metabolism - she was just never going to have that perfectly flat stomach, or be one of those lithe, feline girls. She was more along the cherubic lines.

“Indonesian sounds good… But maybe that’ll have to be a lunch date over Christmas because I wouldn’t know what I’m looking for. Or hey, maybe we can just go there next year. Imagine that… We could eat our way around the world!” Perhaps it wasn’t a realistic plan.. There was a strong possibility she’d be in college. And they couldn’t really travel together until they were married. But it was fun to dream.

  • Um, I guess we eatOwen, Fri Sep 22 17:52
    Owen nodded. "So do I but you know, prefects and Head Students work together on things. Which means we'll actually get to spend more time together because before you would be doing...prefect things... more
    • Sounds good to me — Jemima, Sat Sep 23 00:10
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